Mustard Seed Oil Production

What is Automatic Mustard Oil Expeller?

Traditional methods for mustar oil manufacturing process are tedious, inconvenient and expensive for both medium and small Mustard Oil Plant. These methods are very time consuming and also not very efficient. However, advances and improvements in automation technology have made it possible to reduce the cost involved in mustard oil factory, and also increased the profit margin for the mustard oil processing plant. Mustard oil processors should be aware that a fully automatic mustard oil expeller machine is now available, which will greatly simplify the process of converting mustard into oil, and also reduce the manpower required for processing.

To cater to the requirement of Mustard Oil Manufacturing Plant, the oil mill manufacturer ABC Machinery is supplying the mustard oil machine in different capacities.

  • For the mini mustard oil mill plant, there are automatic mustard oil expeller available with a capacity of 40kg/h~ 830kg/h.
  • For the larger mustard oil processing businesses, higher capacity machines which will available with a capacity of 7tons/day ~ 220tons/day.
It should be noted that the size of the machine will usually increase depending as the amount of oil produced per hour increases. Since more components are required for a larger oil machine, the price of the machine will also increase.
small automatic mustard oil expeller machine
Small Automatic Mustard Oil Expeller
large automatic mustard oil expeller equipment
Large Automatic Mustard Oil Expeller

How Automatic Mustard Oil Expeller Machine Works?

The automatic mustard oil expeller for processing mustard oil has several major sections, the electrical controls, feeder, chamber for processing, and some even designed withvacuum oil filter. The mustard seed is deposited into the feeder, and pressure is applied in the processing chamber of the oil expeller machine to extract oil from the mustard seeds. The mustard oil extraction process adopts a screw press that is fully automatic and has been developed after extensive research. No manual intervention is required since the machine has been programmed. In the vacuum filter, the dirt and sediment in the oil is removed, to produce purified oil. (Latest Post: How to Start Mustard Oil Business >>)

Complete Automatic Mustard Oil Manufacturing Process

automatic mustard oil mill plant for sales

Fully Automatic Mustard Oil Mill Plant

  • Cleaning: Use the cleaning machine (eg. vibration screen, dust removing wind net and gravity stoner) to remove all the impurities in the mustard seeds and ensure good work condition and production stability.
  • Flaking: Flaking means a certainty granularity of seed was prepared for flaked of about 0.3 mm, the oil of raw material can be extracted in the shortest time and maximum, and residual oil was less than 1%.
  • Cooking: This process is to cook or steam the mustard seed granular so that it can be easy to separate of oil and can provide the oil quantity. It is easy to operate and have long life.
  • Extraction: This process is to extract oil from the pretreated mustard seeds. The automatic oil machine can improve the mustard oil extraction process for higher oil yield and easy operation.
  • Refining: Crude mustard oil obtained from the oil extraction process should go through degumming, deacidification, and decolorizing and deodorization process to remove the harmful impurities and needless substance and produce high quality standard oil.


What is the Automatic Mustard Oil Expeller Machine Price?

As for the price of automatic mustard oil expeller machine. You can have many channels to get the price lists. But, it is worthy noticing, you must compare the price carefully, then you can get the most effective and highest quality mustard oil expeller machine. The price offered by ABC Machinery for the automatic mustard oil expeller is cheaper than most supplier. However, we can guarantee the quality, the operation. The mouth says, seeing is believing. You are welcomed to contact us for the latest price and technical data for mustard seed automatic oil machine.

why our mustard oil expeller is cheap

Why Choose Automatic Mustard Oil Expeller Machine?

One of the advantages of using automatic oil extraction machine for mustard oil manufacturing is that it is possible to monitor the temperature of the oil extraction process. For some mustard oil expeller, it is also available for operators to check the oil purification process using the sight drum which has been provided. It is also possible to control the speed of purification of the oil. Mini mustard oil expeller with a capacity of up to 40 kg require less space. They also require less power for operation.

reliable automatic mustard oil expeller
Mini Automatic Mustard Oil Machine for Sales
BEST automatic mustard oil expeller with filters
Automatic Mustard Oil Expeller with Filters for Sales


  • On the other hand, oil expeller press with a capacity of a few tons of mustard oil daily, have two different sections, so they require more space. They also require more power supply. However all sizes of automated mustard oil extraction machine are smaller than traditional manual oil mills.
  • One of the greatest advantages of using these automated oil expeller is that they are electronically controlled, so it is far easier and safer for the operators as well as the owner to control the mill, less physical strength is required.
  • The labor costs involved will also be reduced, less wages will have to be paid, increasing the profit. Since manpower is reduced, efficiency will be greater. Less noise is generated during oil extraction, and the percentage of oil extracted from mustard will be higher than using traditional manual methods.
  • High purity oil will be extracted since filters remove all sediments. Both hot and cold pressing of mustard is possible and the oil cakes will also be of better quality when using in the fully automatic mustard oil mill.
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