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Sunflower oil is a common vegetable oil, and the process of extracting it from sunflower seeds is carried out using specialized sunflower oil press machine. These machines employ different working principles and procedures to extract oil from sunflower seeds. Their performance and prices are also different, the most common machines include screw oil pressing machine and hydraulic oil press machine.

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Performance Comparison of Two Sunflower Oil Press Machines

Screw oil pressing machine is a common equipment used for the extraction of sunflower oil, suitable for medium-sized oil mills and factory production. It utilizes a screw propeller to feed the sunflower seeds into the pressing chamber, where the oil is extracted through squeezing. Hydraulic oil press machine is another sunflower oil press machine, suitable for home and small-scale oil mills production. It operates by utilizing high pressure provided by a hydraulic system to improve the extraction of oil from the sunflower seeds.

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Sunflower Oil Pressing Machine at Low Price

Next, we will analyze the performance of screw oil press machine and hydraulic oil press machine in terms of oil extraction efficiency, oil quality and energy consumption.

Oil Extraction Efficiency Comparison

Screw Oil Press Machine:

  • Oil extraction rate: Typically ranges from 70% to 80%, depending on the type of raw material and operating conditions.
  • Sunflower oil press machine capacity: It can process about 200 to 500 kilograms of raw material per hour.
  • Extraction time: Generally requires a longer time to complete the oil extraction process, especially for large-scale production.

Hydraulic Oil Press Machine:

  • Oil extraction rate: The oil extraction rate is generally higher and can reach 75% to 80%.
  • Sunflower oil press machine capacity: The production capacity is typically lower than screw press oil making machine, with the ability to process around 50 to 150 kilograms of raw material per hour.
  • Extraction time: Relatively shorter, with a faster oil extraction process.

Oil Quality Comparison

Screw Oil Press Machine:

  • Sunflower oil quality is often influenced by high temperature and mechanical forces, which may result in the loss of certain nutrients.
  • The sunflower oil may contain minor suspended particles or impurities.

Hydraulic Oil Press Machine:

  • Due to the cold pressing process, the sunflower oil quality is generally higher, preserving more nutrients and natural flavors.
  • The sunflower oil has fewer impurities, making it more suitable for high-quality oil production.

Energy Consumption Comparison

Screw Oil Press Machine:

  • Screw press oil machine often requires more electrical or mechanical power to operate due to the involvement of the rotating screw shaft.
  • There is a higher demand for electricity or fuel, which may lead to increased energy consumption and subsequently higher operational costs. The average power consumption ranges from about 8 to 15 degrees per hour, which can have an impact on the overall price of the process or product.

Hydraulic Oil Press Machine:

  • Hydraulic oil press machines generally require less energy due to their working principle based on hydraulic pressure.
  • They consume less electrical or mechanical power, making them potentially more energy-efficient, which can significantly reduce operational costs. The average power consumption is not more than 1 degree per hour.

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How to Pick the Best-suited Sunflower Oil Press Machine?

Based on the above analysis about the differences between screw oil press machine and hydraulic oil press machine, ABC Machinery has organized the following considerations for reference when buying a sunflower oil press machine:(Related Article: Cotton Seed Machine Price>>)

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High-quality Sunflower Oil Production and Sunflower Seed Cake

  • Production Scale: For small-scale oil mills or medium-sized oil processing plant with low production requirements, a hydraulic oil press machine can be chosen. If the processing volume is large, a larger-sized screw press oil expeller can be a best choice.
  • Cake Requirements: The cake produced by a hydraulic oil press machine is in the form of round discs, which retains more nutritional content. It can be used for livestock feed and economic crop fertilizer. The cake produced by a screw press machine is in the form of solid blocks and has fewer nutritional components.
  • Actual Usage Cost: Hydraulic oil press machines usually have a higher price compared to screw press oil extraction machines, but they have the advantages of energy efficiency and less wear during operation.(Related Reading: Cost Analysis - Small Scale Sunflower Oil Extraction Machine>>)
  • Operators Number: Although a hydraulic oil press machine involves more steps, each step is independent and does not affect each other. The machine can automatically press, and one person can complete all the work. A screw press oil expeller requires the cooperation of at least two people or the use of feeding equipment to complete the process.
  • Oil Quality: If you prioritize the nutritional content of the oil, it is recommended to buy a hydraulic oil press machine.

ABC Machinery, with over 20 years of experience as a manufacturer of sunflower oil press machines and auxiliary machines, has the capability to make oil presses that align with current market demands and earn the trust of investors. We can also customize machinery according to customer requirements. We welcome you to contact us for immediate inquiry anytime and look forward to work with you!

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Tips You Must Know on Using Screw Oil Press Machine

About the oil pressing process of sunflower seeds using a screw oil press machine, there are several main influencing factors and relevant parameters to be aware of: 

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 Structure Diagram - Sunflower Oil Press Machine for Home

  • Screw Press Machine Speed
The speed refers to the rotation speed of the screw shaft in the screw oil press machine. Generally, the recommended speed for sunflower seeds is controlled between 30-40 revolutions per minute (RPM) to start the production process efficiently, as it allows for better application of force during the pressing process. This optimal speed is a result of careful design considerations in the factory, ensuring both effective oil extraction and a competitive price for the end product.
  • Pressing Gap
The pressing gap refers to the distance between the screw shaft and the pressing chamber of the screw press oil machine. For sunflower seeds, the recommended pressing gap, which is crucial for ensuring optimal production and profit margins, is  set between 0.1-0.2mm. This precise setup allows you to produce high-quality oil, making it an excellent choice for those looking to invest in sunflower oil extraction with a limited budget while maximizing their returns.
  • Feed Rate
The feed rate indicates the rate at which sunflower seeds are fed into the screw press oil machine. Ideally, the feed rate for sunflower seeds should be controlled between 80-120kg/h, as it ensures uniform application of force and enhances oil extraction efficiency.
  • Temperature Control
Temperature control involves regulating the temperature of the sunflower seeds during the pressing process. Generally, it is advisable to maintain the temperature of sunflower seeds between 60-70°C as it aids in the release and separation of oil from the sunflower seeds.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning of Sunflower Oil Press Machine
Proper maintenance and cleaning of the screw press machine also impact the oil extraction process and overall business success. Regular setup, design, and cleaning of the machine ensure its smooth operation and optimal performance, thereby improving oil extraction efficiency while minimizing cost and downtime.

Relavent Parameters of Screw Oil Press Machine

Factors Target Ranges
Rotating Speed 30-40 RPM
Pressing Gap 0.1-0.2mm
Feed Rate 80-120kg/h
Temperature Control 60-70℃
Maintenance and Cleaning Regular

If you have any questions about buying a sunflower oil press machine or other seed oil press machine, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with free consultation and advice.

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