10TPD Mini Copra Oil Refinery Plant Built in Cote d'Ivoire

This is a mini copra oil refinery plant built in Cote d’Ivoire. It is based on semi-continuous refining process. The production capacity is 10 ton per day.

Photos of the Mini Copra Coconut Oil Refinery Project

The photos below were taken during the project constriction. (Related Project: 20TPD Copra Oil Pressing & Refinery Plant in Philippines)

small sized copra oil refinery workshop
Workshop Photo
coconut copra oil refinery mill  construction
Oil Refinery under Construction
how to build a mini scale copra coconut oil refinery factory at low cost
Place the Equipments
build a small coconut copra oil refining plant
Whole Plant Equipment Layout Finished
electric hoist installation
Installation of Electric Hoist
copra oil refining unit for processing edible oil
Refined Oil Tank
base for leaf filter
Build the Base for Leaf Filter
leaf filter machine included in the vegetable oil  refinery
Leaf Filter
mini copra oil refinery equipment set
Equipment Debugging
refined copra oil
Refined Copra OIl


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Semi-continuous Copra Oil Refinery Plant

There are 3 types of refining process: batch type, semi-continuous type, and full continuous type. The semi-continuous oil refinery process is based on batch type but it is much more efficient and creates higher output with lower wastage. Semi-continuous oil refinery has a main process which is different from the batch type - that is deodorization. Besides, it is also cheaper than fully continuous oil refinery. The capacity of the semi-continuous oil refinery ranges from 10TPD - 50TPD and it is the best choice for medium-sized refinery.

oil refining process
Edible Oil Refining Process


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Section and Machines included in the Copra Oil Refinery Project

  • Deacidification Section (Neutralisation): Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is used which will react with the Free Fatty Acids (FFA) . This will discharge the soap stock which is the reaction product.
  • Degumming Section: Warm water is used to blend with crude oil that removes the gum inside the oil. The oil is then dried for the bleaching process.
  • Dewax Section: This helps to remove the wax from the oil in order to get a higher quality of oil.
  • Decoloration Section (Bleaching): The bleaching earth is used to take out the impurities. The filter is then used to remove the bleaching earth.
  • Deodorization Section: It is a semi-continuous process to remove the peroxide values in semi-continuous refinery plant. Deodorization tower is the main equipment. This is done to remove any serious smell from the oil.
  • Press Filter: It filters clay and filters out clear oil. After deodorization, the oil will go through filter press and then final refined oil product is get.
  • Heat-transfer Oil Stove: It provides heat energy to the devices that need it. Temperature can rise above 280A
  • Vacuum Pump: It supplies with vacuum for de-odor, dehydrate, de-color. It can reach above 755mm Hg.
  • Air Compressor: It blow dries bleached clay, blows empty the remaining oil in the press filter.
  • Steam generator: It provides steam for deodorization and distillation.

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Suitable Oil Plants for the Semi-continuous Refinery Process

Almost all kinds of crude oil can be processed in the semi-continuous oil refinery for manufacturing refined biodiesel oil and edible oil. (Related Project: 10TPD Oil Milling and 3TPD Refining Plant Built in Uganda)
  • Crude vegetable oil such as mustard oil, palm oil, coconut oil, and cottonseed oil, etc.
  • Fruit oil such as avocado oil, olive oil, and grape seed oil etc.
  • Crude animal oil such as fish oil, seal oil, etc.
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