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Ginger oil extraction is one of the most popular seed processing type in oil mill plant besides peanut oil plant, sunflower oil plant and the like. With the help of suitable oil extraction machinery (screw press or solvent extraction equipment), the high quality oil products can be extracted from ginger. If you are planning for buying ginger oil extraction machines for processing edible oil or want to set up a complete assembly unit of ginger oil pressing, feel free to contact us!

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Ginger oil is a food spices extracted from herbaceous perennial in the family of zingiberacceae by use of ginger oil extraction machine. Ginger oil produces pleasant pungent aroma which is consistence and varies with the nature of distillation and the quality of the ginger material used. The best aroma will come from the distillation of fresh ginger roots. One good thing about ginger oil is the inflammability properties. The oil is mainly obtained in the epidermal tissue using ginger oil extraction machines, which come in different varieties but have the same basic operational principles.

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The solvent ginger oil extraction process required for a complete oil extraction plant have the following equipment: evaporator vessel in which the steam pipes are mounted, condenser that uses cold water for heat exchange, Florentine flask, cooling tower, pump to necessitate fluid motion, grinder for crushing the ginger raw materials, boiler for steam supply and submersible pump. The processes involved in the extraction of ginger oil is involving, therefore the machine used in ginger oil extraction more complex.

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Ginger oil extraction can be by steam distillation or solvent extraction but steam distillation is most preferred because it is cheaper. Dry ginger is first grinned to the required mesh size, the steam from the boiler is introduced into an evaporation vessel that contains ground ginger powder and water. The steam vaporizes the water indirectly and the water vapor and the distilled ginger oil coming out from evaporator vessel is recovered in a condenser, usually water cooled and is separated from the other water. Finally the condensate is separated by decantation process in a Florentine flask, because the oil is less dense than water it will be collected from the top and the soluble part of the oil is returned to evaporator vessel for recovery.

The oil extracted by the vegetable oil extraction machine can vary in color form yellow dark amber color. The viscosity of the oil varies too depending on the quality of extraction process, from medium to watery. India and china are the biggest producers of ginger oil as well as the largest consumers in the global, exporting in various form such as green or fresh, processed and dry. (Related Equipment: Corn Oil Extraction Machine for sale)

The key solicitation of ginger oil are beverages, baked products and little use in the perfume production. There is a large market for these forms of ginger that is growing in the globe. Many people who had not known the existing and the huge benefits of ginger are becoming aware hence creating higher demand. The recent statistics indicates an enormous growth in the commerce of ginger oil products.

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