Corn Oil Extraction Machine

ABC Machinery is committed to offer the best corn oil extraction machine with competitive price! We are your reliable seed oil extraction equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, with rich pratical experience. We have been in the field of edible oil processing since 1990. Go through  our website to know more about our machines and corn oil processing. Welcome contact us to inquire customized seed and germ oil manufacturing business plan and project costs.

corn oil extraction machine for processing small scale corn germ oil


Integerated Corn Oil Extraction Machine for Sale

Compared with traditional screw oil press, our integerated corn oil extraction machine is greatly improved. This machine combines oil pressing and oil filtering all in one. It is quite popular in today's vegetable oil processing market including corn germ oil making field. It is featured of labor saving and simplify oil processing step.

integerated corn oil extraction machine for processing corn germ and maize germ

Main Structure of the Integerated Corn Oil Machine

The combined oil extraction machine is mainly composed of electrical control, feeder, press chamber and vacuum filter drum. The filtering drum is vacuum filter with sight glass. The heating system is inside press cage. The oil sight glass is designed to help controlling  the speed of oil clearing process. It is the ideal choice for those who ran mini or small scale corn oil mill or those who do cooking oil business in the country market.

5 Reasons to Choose This Integrated Corn Oil Press

  • Capable of handling both hot pressing and cold pressing with automatic temperature rising and oil-cleaning system.
  • High rate of oil yield, good condition oil cakes
  • Vacuum filters help cleaning the crude oil and make the final oil pure.
  • Capable of continuous working with little noise.
  • Electric control cabinet makes the oil making process safer, easier, more ore efficient and labor-saving.
  • Covering small space and easier to operate.
  • Can process various plant seeds including peanuts, rapeseeds, palm kernels, cottonseed, sesame seed, sunflower seeds, soybeans and so on.

Set Up a Mini / Small Corn Oil Manufacturing Factory

We lately developed a small mechanical oil pressing line which sells like hot cakes in recent years. The small oil pressing unit is very popular in mini and small scale oil manufacturing factory.

small corn oil manufacturing factory
Small Edible Oil Manufacturing Line

corn oil extraction unit

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for detailed info about this small corn oil pressing line! We are glad serve you!

We can also build turnkey oil extraction project. The following are one of our complete oil extraction factory build for one of our edible seed oil extraction client.

complete automatic corn oil extraction plant for making edible / cooking corn germ oil
Complete Automatic Oil Extraction Plant

Extraction and refinery are the two most important process in corn oil making factory. Extraction means extracting the corn germ oil out from the corn by mechanical press or solvent. Refining refered as removing impurities off the crude corn oil products. With years' experience in corn oil extraction and refinery field, we can offer professinal oil processing solutions and high quality corn oil extraction machines and refining equipment. Besieds, we can also supply oil milling plant for various oil seeds, such as castor oil extraction plant, soybean oil plant, sunflower oil extracting machine, canola oil manufacturing plant etc. Contact us anytime when you need more info or latest price! We are glad to serve you!

Corn Oil Extraction and Business Plan

For the most part to make the sustenance things sear we require some measure of oil. As we devour this oil, so it must be in little sum and in addition solid. Individuals resemble to eat the fricasseed sustenance things. In the business sector we can discovered heaps of different sorts of eatable oil for cooking.

Be that as it may, among them just few sorts of cooking oils are utilized broadly. They are soya oil, sunflower oil, rice wheat oil, corn oil, mustard oil, palm oil, olive oil and so forth. This a wide range of oil producer are guaranteed this is the best. In any case, behind that a few realities are there. Like, sunflower oil is produce from the sunflower seeds, and it is exceedingly steady at the high temperature. Soya oil is produced using the soybean. Also, it is especially suggested who are got the coronary illness and the elevated cholesterol, it is for the most part dim yellow in shading. Palm oil is made up from the palm and for the most part consolidated of the immersed and unsaturated fats. It looks dim in shading and for the most part semi solids at room temperature. Olive oil is exorbitant cooking oil and utilized as dressing of the servings of mixed greens or natural products. Be that as it may, at times it is utilized for cooking reason moreover. Mustard oil is made up from the mustard seeds and looks dim cocoa in shading. It is generally utilized as a broiling fish, lamb, chicken and so forth. Corn oil is produced using the corn germ an utilized for cooking. Rice wheat oil is utilized as the cooking and light in weight. (Related article: Corn Germ Oil Processing Plant)

Corn oil is produced from the corn bit that includes the pericarp, endosperm, germ and so forth. In home and in addition in the eateries we are utilized this sort of oil for cooking. The oil produces from the corn bit is known as mazoil. This is extremely more advantageous oil than other. Loads of advantages and uses are talked about here. The corn oil is brimming with vitamin-E. which is particularly vital because of nearness of the cell reinforcements, hostile to maturing properties, lessens the heart infections, profited for solid cardio-vascular ailments, decreases the odds of the assaulting of the lethal illnesses like growth, diabetes, and the agony alleviation. For the most part this oil is utilized as corn oil for cooking. It is contains the polyunsaturated unsaturated fats which is particularly imperative to bring down the blood cholesterol and it is utilized by and large for the fricasseeing and the barbecuing. It is exceptionally accessible in the business sector and additionally economical. Along these lines, individuals who are cost cognizant are picking this kind of oil. (Related article: Corn Oil Refinery Plant)

Whatever we utilized cooking oil for singing, most of the general population are picking the corn oil for cooking. As this oil is given considerably more advantage than other oil. This oil is utilized as a part of the business of the material, cleanser making, cooking, bio-diesel, for making the cast iron dish, oil medications, making the cleaning of the steels, and generation of making the margarine. In spite of the fact that there are bunches of advantages are examined however devouring a lot of oil is destructive for wellbeing. So dependably make an effort not to cross the cutoff.

  • We are interested in the maize germ oil press for the extraction of edible oils .please  kindly send me a price list.
  • Hi, dear, thanks for your enquiry to our products. As for your request, pls advise what's your processing capacity per day?
    Besides, is your raw mterial corn seed or corn germ? Pls advise the above questions clearly, so we could suggest and quote for you accordingly.
  • Hi, I want a technology that is suitable for whet germ with a cold extract of oil. If the capacity of 1TPD is too low. Please give me a offer of 3TPD  or more.
  • Hi, as for 1TPD, it's very small capacity. Because the oil content in the wheat germ is around 10%, it cant extract too much oil with traditional oil expeller.Only cold and doulbe screw press is suitable for this raw material., just the price is very high. Pls kindly advise which method do you prefer?
  • I would like to know what kind of machine you can propose me for producing peanut oil and corn oil.The capacity I want is around 500 kg/h.
  • Hi, dear, As for your raw material, 500kg/h is no problem, however,i need you to confirm the following questions
    1. is the peanut decorticated or not..?
    2. For the other raw material, is is corn seed or corn germ/embryo...?
    As you know, the seed couldnt be pressed directly, only corn germ/embryo.
    3. As for 500kg/h, do you want just an oil press, do you have other auxiliary equipment already, such as cleaner, cooker...etc?
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