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Soybeans can be processed into soybean oil and soymeal. Soybean oil is an healthy oil majorly used for deep frying, pan frying, stir frying and baking. This oil has 24% monounsaturated fat and 60% polyunsaturated fat hence is safe in our bodies since these fats don't raise blood cholesterol levels.

The extraction process of soybean oil plant can be divided into two main types - mechanical pressing plant and solvent extracting plant. Solvent extraction is by use of hexane where the oil yield is about 19%. This is the commonly used. Mechanical pressing is another method where the oil yield is usually around 13 %. Virgin soybean can be extracted at home using cold pressing where small hand operated pressers are used.

The Process of Soybean Oil Plant

The processing process of soybean oil starts by preparation of the seed oil. The soybean oil mill machinery cleans, dries and de-hulls the soybeans before beginning of the extraction process.

process of soybean oil plant

Soybean Oil Extraction Process

Soybean Oil Extraction

The hulls of the soybeans are removed because they absorb oil hence lowering the oil yield percentage. During the de-hulling process, these soybeans are cracked and the hulls are separated from the cracked soybeans by mechanical process.

soybean oil full scale plant
Soybean Oil Full Scale Plant (Screw Pressing)

soybean oil solvent extraction plant
Full-scale Plant of Seed Oil Solvent Extraction

Feel free to get details information about soybean oil plant and equipment. You are welcomed to enquire for the cost details and equipment list of different capacities and  configuration settings.

Iron is separated from the soybeans by use of magnets. To make the extraction process easier, the soybeans are heated up to around 75 degrees Celsius so that the soy proteins are coagulated. The soybean are cut into flakes and then put in percolation extractors with hexane which is used as a solvent. The hexane is then removed to remain with the extracted flakes. These flakes contain just about 1% of the oil and they are commonly used to produce food products like soy protein or the flakes can be used as livestock soymeal.

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The next process done by soybean oil meal machinery is separation of hexane from the soybean oil. This is done by putting the mixture into evaporators. Evaporation takes place where the hexane evaporates and is recycled back to the extraction process. The soybean oil which is now free from hexane enters the next stage which is oil refining.

Soybean Oil refining

Oil refining is a very important part of the processing process because the oil contains impurities like phospholipids, pigment, and off-flavor which need to be removed to make the oil edible. The oil insoluble impurities are removed through filtration process while the soluble materials are removed by different processes such as alkali refining, degumming which involves removal of phosphatides and bleaching. The alkali removal process involves washing the oil with alkaline solution in order to remove colorants, free fatty acids, and gums. The bleaching involves used of activated carbon or activated earth which removes the colour and also other impurities.

soybean oil refining plant
Crude Soya Oil Refining Plant

In Conclusion

The manufacturing process of soybeans involves various steps which are carried out by the soybean oil meal machinery or soybean oil plant. The final product which is soybean oil is safe for consumption since it contains unsaturated fats hence you don't need to worry when consuming it. You can use it for many types of frying a home. In fact, soybean oil represents 80% of all cooking oils used for in USA for commercial food production. Soybean oil extraction plant  is a promissing project to invest in. And ABC Machinery will be your best guide to the success of your business!

  • I have a question. If I have a 20,000 square feet facility, how much would it be to start a soybean oil plant that produces 200Tons a day.
  • Thanks for your enquiry to our products.
    But it's too general to give a quotation on the basis of this.
    Pls kindly advise us more info by filling in the form in the attachment. So we could suggest and quote for you accordingly soon.
  • 10.We produce soybean in Paraguay. We have 11.000 hectares of land, but we are using half for production. The oil content is about 18%- 20% . We prefer the pressing OR solvent extraction plant as well? Probably we have to preview a plant for 25.000 tons yearly. We will need as boiler and bottling line equipment.
  • Thanks for your detailed explanation.
    As for capacity 25000 tons yearly, do you mean process 25000 tons raw material, NOT get 25000 tons oil, right? Because 25000 tons oil is too much for the population in your country.
    So we suggest a 100TPD soybean oil mill plant, the processing method could be
    A. 100TPD pretreatment+100TPD solvent extraction plant+20TPD soybean oil refinery
    B. 100TPD Pretreatment&pressing+ 10TPD soybean oil refinery
    Pls kindly confirm my calculation is correct, and tell us which option do you prefer, so we could design and quote for you accordingly.
    Look forward to further discussion with you
  • Hello dear, I would like to set up a soybean oil plant. I am pretty sure that I will start the project as beginner. I would like to here from you about the project that
    1) How much will be costed
    2) Starting point
    3) Necessary things
    I am eagerly waiting for your responded. very importantly I want to start the plant in short way.
  • Thanks for your enquiry to our products. Could you advise what's your processing capacity per day? Do you need oil refinery, could you advise us more information. So we could suggest and design for you better.

    A) ONE CLEANING SIEVE for cleaning soybean grain 5 tons per hour
    B) one magnetic separator
    C) CRUSHER FOR BRAKING SOYBEAN GRAIN capacity 5 tons per hour
    D) OIL PRESS SYSTEM for 2 tons per hour, maybe 2 machines or 3 machines. Please consider we have to process grain coming form one deactivating rotational oven, so material will come at 120 to 110 degrees.
    E)  Soybean cake milling for 5 tons per hour, we need to reach material for animal feed , so we need size 85 microns particles.
    F)  OIL FILTER PRESS for 600 liters oil per hour.
    G) ONE PELLET PRESS for 1 tons pe rhour capacity (we can use 2 machines per 500kg each)
    please note this must ne low pressure to be use for animal food

    Best Regards.
  • Before offer you detailed quotaion. I have a question for you. You need to process 5 tons soybean per hour with Crushing System, but you only need process 2tons per hour with oil press. This is not corresponding.  Please tell us what capacity do you need about pressing system.

    Consider small oil content of soybean, we suggest 200A-3 or ZX-130 oil press. 5tons per hour mean 120tons per day, so I suggest 12 pieces 200A-3 for you. We also have big oil press whose capacity is 120tons per day, but residual oil ratio is too big.

    Actually, about 100TPD Soybean Oil Plant, we usually suggest Solvent Extraction Plant to our customers.
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