Flax Seed Oil Production

Flax Seed Oil Pressing Methods

flax seed oil pressing equipment
Small Seed Oil Processing Equipment Unit for Mini Cooking Oil Mill

There are several methods in practice that are used to press the flax oil out of the flaxseed such as by using mechanical flax seed oil press (expeller pressing machine) , soaking them in the chemical solvent extraction or using air-pressure technique. Here we recommend you our hot sale small set of seed oil pressing assembly unit, or you can calll it mini scale seed oil mill plant.

Benefits of Flax Seed Oil

One among the many blessings of God on this planet is the flaxseed. It contains incredible nutritional qualities. It is a rich source of vitamin B1, protein, magnesium, manganese, dietary fiber, micronutrients, phosphorus, selenium, and omega-3. Moreover, the nutritional profile of flaxseed is enriched with a good amount of zinc, copper, potassium, iron, and vitamin B6. On our dining tables, flaxseeds are a healthy source of food which is low in carbohydrates but high in fiber. Eventually, it is good for shedding body weight. Adding it to your diet helps you lower the cholesterol level of your body naturally as well. It also traps the fats in your digestive system and does not let them becoming an extra burden on your muscles.

flax seed oil pressing

Moreover, the nutritional value of flaxseed does not stop there. They are gluten-free too. This quality makes them anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it is a great replacement for inflammatory diet for all those who have gluten sensitive digestive systems. It is also enriched with antioxidants. It refines its benefits for cellular health, hormone balance especially for the menopausal women, and anti-aging. They are also good fighters against the cancers of colon, ovary, prostate and breasts. These seeds are pressed, and the oil is used on human skin and hair for both cosmetic and health purposes.

All these benefits tells us why flax seed oil processing is a great project to invest in. ABC Machinery is a reliable and experienced vegetable oil mill manufacturer. We can offer full project plan for both small scale oil manufacturing workshop and compelet and automatic seed oil production line. Anytime you are interested in our flax seed oil press, Feel free to contact us in the following form!


  • Has anyone used your oil expellers for Acorn Oil?
    Acorn is the nut of Oak Tree.
    Making oil from acorn is unusual, and i am looking for the best way to do it.
  • Pls tell us the oil content rate of your materials. You know we just can't confirm whether the material is the same with ours. As far as I know, this nut has hard shell, so pls tell me if your material has shell or not. Besides, if convenient could you send me the some pictures of your raw materials?
  • It's true acorns are different all over the world. The acorns we have, after drying, have between 15-20% oil by weight. We will remove hard shells before doing anything with them.
    I'm sending these pictures so you can see the acorns, and also just because they are nice. The Native American Indians of California always ate acorns, and we recently learned about it from a beautiful grandmother in the mountains. Here she's showing us the old ways of preparing!
  • Our oil expellers can treat your material, but before recommend you the most suitable machines pls tell me the capacity you need. If you just press oil for home use we recommend you to choose the small capacity type, if you plan to start the business pls choose bigger ones. we have send you the catalogue of our small scale oil pressing for your reference, details pls check email attachment.
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