How to Start Mustard Oil Making Business Plan?

Here is a simple guidance about making your mustard oil making business plan.What is the process deisn of mustard seed oil production? What cooking oil processing machines are included in a mustard oil factory?

When establishing a factory for your mustard oil extraction, you need machines to accomplish this. Thankfully today we have the technology to help, speed up and simplify the production process in almost every industry. You must invest in this because fast production and market availability are what makes the difference. (Related Post: How about the profit of mustard oil mill?)

Mini Mustard Oil Plant Setup in​ India

We have built a mini mustard oil manufacturing plant in India. This project is designed and constructed for 5 ton/day mustard seed oil extraction and 1 ton/day oil refining production. It is a turnkey customized project plan. The cost of setup such a 5TPD small mustard oil processing plant in India is $7000~$8000. The price is greatly related to the process design and included equipment. Contact now to get your tailor-made project plan and the exact cost.

mini mustard oil plant cost in Inida
Mustard Seed Oil Factory Layout
cheap mustard seeds oil press machine for sale
Mustard Seeds Cooking Machine (left), Oil Press (right)
low cost crude mustard oil refining machine set
Small Set of Crude Oil Refining Machine
mustard oil bottling machine for small factory
Oil Bottling / Filling Machine

If you are about to start your mustard oil manufacturing business in India, you can take the factory layout design for referent through the photos listed below. You are also welcome to send us an inquiry to get the latest mustard oil machine price. (Related Machinery: Small Scale Oil Refinery for Crude Mustard Oil)

inquire about the price and cost

Mini Mustard Oil Manufacturing Unit for Small Farmers

mini mustard oil manufacturing unit for small farmers
Mini Mustard Oil Manufacturing Unit for Small Farmers

For small scale mustard oil production, you need to buy a set of mustard oil manufacturing unit. The above set of mustard oil making machine is driven by mechanics. Besides mustard oil press, you'll need several other auxiliary pieces of equipment’s to work with the oil making machine, and to accomplish your operations faster. These are dehulling machine, cooking machine, oil filter press and conveyor. All the necessary equipment are connected together to ensure low cost, easy operation and high production efficiency.

Saying all of the above, let's go and list what machines included in small mustard oil making process: Cleaning Sieve, Cooker, Oil Expeller, and Oil Filter Press, they don't take up too much space, so it is perfect for your budget. They are so economical in all areas, even for operating.

Here is a list of the machines included in the mini mustard oil mill plant:

  • Cleaning Sieve
  • Cooker
  • Oil Press Machine (Expeller)
  • Oil Filter Press

Benefits of Using this Small Set Of Mustard Oil Making Machine

  • Small Footprint: They don't take up too much space so you don't need big spaces for your extraction operations.
  • Wide Application: They have the ability to process seeds like sesame, castor, canola, soybean, and cotton, linseed, sunflower, peanut and other.
  • Low Production Cost: These machines don't use too much electricity so your electric bill costs will be low.
  • Easy Operation: You don't even need any special training to operate them. So further costs for training of staff are also removed. 

Mustard oil is made out of mustard seeds. We explained all the processes in the text below. Now having the idea to do your own business and extract this type of oil in today market is excellent. Why is that? Several studies had shown the great health benefits of mustard oil when used in small quantities of course. Now how your start a mustard oil plant, first make your own plan or business plan to be more specific. If you are new and don't know how to start mustard oil producing the business plan, look no further just read below.

How to Start Mustard Oil Making Business Plan?

The following are some tips for running a small cooking oil production line.

  • Do Market Research of Mustard Oil Production

As with every business you need to do market research. This is, so you have a better understanding of supply, demand and target customer or regions. Without it, you are going nowhere. If you are not capable of this on your own, you can always find and hire some expert who knows how. 

  • Find a Suitable Place for Setting up Your Mustard Oil Making Factory

Then find a place where you can set up your factory and operations. Hire labor use some time training them and be always there to show, teach and give directions. Excellent organization and patience are mandatory for successful people management.

  • Run Promotions to Promote Your Mustard Oil

Being able to supply fast on to your designated market must be your priority. One important rule when manufacturing products that are often disregarded are the one where you produce more than you can sell. Now all of us want more economic gains, but they are not coming overnight. If you do this activity, you put a substantial strain on your manufacturing operations and workers. However, if all your high demand is accomplished, and you only sell a fraction of what you make then what. Your newly established business can suffer like this from the start. So as we said it is smart to be patient and go slow to prove yourself on the market take it easy.

  • Edible Oil Marketing Tips

Don't forget to brand yourself, how people will know your edible oil products if you don't have any name, logo or website. Many new and old businesses are neglecting this segment. However, they suffer from this in the future or at the very beginnings. Today almost all go online, but the visual part needs to be fulfilled also. Hiring an individual or a group of professionals to create a good marketing strategy for you will pay off in the future. People remember logos, brands or what they've seen and found online.

This is a short insight and guidelines on how to start your successful mustard oil making business. If you don't get what you need the first time, read it. New ideas will come every time you do. Beginning something new can be harsh and frightening, but don't let this scare you. Every big success started with little steps.

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