Choose Right Machines to Make Your Wood Pellets

With the rising demand for biomass energy around the world, especially in European and North America countries. Making wood pellets for home use or business has become a hot trend. It is actually simple to make wood pellets when you get know wood pellet production process. What bothers most customers is how to select the most suitable machines to make wood pellets at low cost. In order to customers with a quick access to the wood pellet making machines needed, here ABC Machinery details the main wood pellet mills and its price in the market and hope to help you find out an ideal equipment for your wood pellet business plan at low cost. 

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Buy Right Wood Pellet Machiens

TOP Seller Machines to Make Wood Pellets 

The models of wood pellet machines produced by different manufacturers are different, and the models are unlimited, but there are only two types of pellet machines according to its working principles and designs, one is a flat die pellet machine, and the other is a ring die pellet machine.

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Small Wood Pellet Mill
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Large Wood Pellet Mill

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Raw Materials for Wood Pellets Production

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Biomass Materials Wood Pellet Machine Can Process

Flat Die Pellet Mill – Small Wood Pellet Machine

The flat die pellet mill was developed in the early 20th century and is divided into two types: roller-turned pellet machine and die-turned pellet machine. (Latest order: Mini Wood Pellet Making for Pine Wood to Armenia >>)

The roller-turned pellet machine has a fixed die and rotary rollers, while the die-turned pellet machine has fixed rollers and a rotary die. Its working principle is that the user pours the prepared raw materials into the pellet machine, and the raw materials fall into the pellet-making chamber due to their weight. Driven by the rotation of the machine, the rollers press the raw materials into the die holes, and the pellets fall from the bottom of the die and are cut to the appropriate length by the cutter. (Read more: How to Make Wood Pellets for Profit?)

Capacity: 60KG/H~1000KG/H
Price: $500 above

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Reasons to Buy Flat Die Machine for Wood Pellet Making

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Small Wood Pellet Machine Manufacturer

  • It has a simple structure, which makes it easy to maintain, clean, and replace the dies and rollers.
  • It is relatively light and easy to move, which greatly reduces the cost of raw material transportation and effectively reduces the cost of pellet making.
  • It can also directly observe the pellet-making chamber, making the production process easier to control.
  • It is generally used for small scale wood pellet production or for household use.

It has many advantages, but its disadvantages are obvious as well: it is not suitable for large scale wood pellet production project, and the gap between the roller and the die needs to be adjusted according to the hardness of the raw material. 

Small Wood Pellet Making Machine Manufacturer - ABC Machinery

The small wood pellet machine provided by ABC Machinery can process a very wide range of biomass materials, both soft wood and hard wood. In addition excellent quality, it is also guaranteed with stable and cheap price. If there are any questions on our small wood pelletizer machine, just contact us to get more details!

Ring Die Pellet Mill – Large Wood Pellet Making Machine

The ring die pellet mill was developed in the 1930s. Ring die pellet machine is divided into two types: horizontal ring die pellet machines and vertical ring dies pellet machines. The working principle of the two ring die pellet machines is the same: the conditioned material is unloaded from the feed port and adheres to the inner wall of the die with the help of gravity and the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the ring die. Pressed by the roller pressing section, it is extruded into a ring die and then cut to the desired length by a cutter. (Latest order: Biomass Pellets Making Machine to Guatemala >>)

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Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine for Sales
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Hot Sale Commercial Wood Pellet Mill at Factory Price


Capacity: 1T/H~40T/H
Price: $15,150 above

Compared to small flat die pellet mill, ring die wood pellet machine has larger production capacity and is also relatively expensive. Therefore it is more suitable for commercial and industrial biomass pellet plant project. Buying complete biomass pellet processing equipment from a reliable manufacturer can greatly reduce your biomass pellet project cost

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Large Scale Wood Pellets Making Machine Supplier - ABC Machinery

There are two types of ABC Machinery horizontal ring die pellet machines: model 420 and model 508, both made of 4Cr13 high-chromium alloy and processed by high-temperature vacuum quenching. The transmission mode is gear transmission, and the transmission efficiency is much higher than that of belt transmission. ABC Machinery ring dies pellet machine also applies 10 patented innovative technologies to solve the problem of easy cracks in the die, and also increases the output and prolongs the service life.

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Project Report: Large Wood Pellet Production Line

The vertical ring dies pellet machine is a new generation of biomass pellet machine. It adopts a three-roller design, which reduces power consumption, reduces the maintenance cost of pressing rollers, and improves the output speed of the pellet mill. The vertical ring dies pellet machine can be slowed down, thus for those materials that are difficult to form and have less lignin, the vertical ring die pellet machine is an ideal pellet machine.

large wood pellet making plant project report
Project Report: Setup Industrial Wood Pellet Plant

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Steps to Choose Right Machines for Wood Pellets Making?

How to buy an ideal wood pellet machine? How to select a reliable supplier and manufacturer?

  • Step 1: Make clear what your raw materials really are (wood chips, straw, bamboo chips, rice husk, etc.), and choose the right pellet mill for you according to your raw materials.
  • Step 2: Make clear the output you need, usually the output is lower than 1 ton/h, use flat die pellet mill; 1 ton/h upwards is recommended to use vertical ring die wood pellet mill, 2-3 ton/h is recommended to use vertical ring die, 10-20 tons per hour is recommended to use horizontal ring die unit.
  • Step 3: Don't ignore the mold. Molds are very important for later wood pellet production, so it is better to ensure your supplier can provide high quality spare parts at reasonable price.
  • Step 4: It is recommended to buy wood pellet machine from well-known manufacturers. 
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