Set Up A Soybean Oil Plant in Argentina

ABC Machinery is a manfacturer and supplier of soybean oil plant and machine, offering both single soybean oil press for home use and complete soybean oil milling plant for business purpose. If you are planning to start your soybean oil making factory in Argentina but don't know where to start, what to do and how much does it cost to build an edible oil processing plant in the country, feel free to get in touch with us!

Small Scale Soybean Oil Plant Unit for Sale

This is the best vegetable seed oil processing unit for famers and small scale business. This mini soya oil mill plant is featured of high oil extraction rate and high production efficiency, and it requires smaller space and need less investment. This small soybean oil processing plant is suitable for 1~20 ton/d production. Contact us now for customized project plan and detailed quotation list. (Recent News: Small Scale Soybean Oil Mill Plant in Ghana )

cheap small scale soybean oil plant unit for sale
Small Soybean Oil Extraction Unit

If you want to produce refined soybean oil, you can buy the following refining unit along with the small vegetable seed oil plant. The production output of the refinery machine ranges from 1 ton/day to 5 ton/day. It is suitable for processing various different kinds of crude oil into edible oil.

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Small Edible Oil Refinery Machine

lnvesting in soybean oil is crucial to the fuel and food industry. It also helps to stabilize prices hence suitable for the investors who use the soybeans in their industrial process. There are future and options for soybean oil production investment that maintain its costs. Therefore, it is quite a good business plan to set up a soyabean oil plant in Argentina.

How Much Does It Cost to Set Up A Small Soybean Oil Plant?

The cost of setting up a soybean oil plant is closely related to the production output and process design. Higher capacity and higher degree of automation will cost more. A 5 ton/d small soybean oil manufacturing plant cost about $7000 ~ $8000, while a 20-30ton/d complete soybean oil mill plant might need $40,000~$100,000. If you want to know the exact equipment price for running a cooking oil mill for processing soybean, don't hesitate to contact us!

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Due to the growth in demand for soybean and its associated products such as oil, Argentina has become a number one producer and exporter of the soybean oil in the world. In a year Argentina produces over 50 million tons of soybean. Soybean farming occupies over 60% of the land under cultivation in this country. According to the statistics report by the USDA, 67 tons of soybean will be produced by 2020 to 2021. As a result, soybean oil production will rise.

Commercial Prospect of Setup Soyabean Oil Plant in Argentina

small soybean oil plant built in Ghana
Project: Small Soybean Oil Plant in Ghana

Now let's see what are the main factors that promote the development of soybean oil production industry in Argentina, and why setting up a soybean oil plant is a promissing project.

  • Adequate Supply of Soybean: lts rich raw materials enhance the higher competitive advantage among the Argentine in soybean oil production.
  • Suitable Climate Conditions and Soils: The global competitive advantage is also as a result of factors such as suitable climate conditions and soils, reduced distance between the farms and the processing industries, high professionalism and the export ports associated to the processing plants.
  • Low Transport Cost: There is also a low cost of transport and reduced logistics. In a year, over 0.165 million boxcars and more than 1.1 million Lorries unload soybeans in the crushing industries. According to a statement by ForoPais, there is a high level of technology in Argentina that accounts for its excellent production regardless of the few industries. lts average capacity is larger than the other highest producers globally with 21% more than European producers, 53% more top than Brazil and 33% higher than the American industries. However, it's the third producer of biodiesel and accounts for 60% in fuel exportation.

However, there are logistical difficulties that have remained for a while. Experts report concerning the delays shows that it's all about transport, limited storage for the grains, size of production and logistics in the port. lt’s a call for attention to bring changes in the mobilization structure, port logistics and storage facilities to increase soybean oil supply.

World Market Share of Soybean oil Production

Soybean Oil Production by Country Production (1000 MT)
Top 1. China 16,576
Top 2. United States 10,898
Top 3. Argentina 8,390
Top 4. Brazil 8,195
Top 5. EU-27 3,154
Top 6. India 1,692

Argentina and Brazil are the two countries with the rapid increase in the soybean production regarding the land under cultivation. They are consequently the leading producers of the soybean oil and other products associated with it. USDA reports show that a trade agreement in a bloc of countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Paraguay produces approximately 11.3% planted acres, 13.4% of production and about 33.2% of the world export of oilseed and grains. In a decade, the region will be leading producer of oilseeds and grains taking 41% of the world's market share.

Argentina Soybean Oil Production Market

Argentina soybean oil production by year
Argentina Soybean Oil Production by Year

The Argentina soybean oil production and exportation have led to value addition in the country's products and has maintained its world market throughout. It has promoted dynamism in the agro-industrial production line and also to the economy of the country. And this is also why it is a profitable project to establish a soybean oil plant in Argentina. For the last ten years, Argentina has made an investment of over $2.5 billion in the sector of soybean crushing industries. There is a high level of technology imposed on this process which has reduced the cost of processing hence making the country more competitive. (Related Post: Cost of Setting Up Small Edible Oil Plant )

Regarding world market share, Argentina leads accounting for 43% soybean oil export, seconded by Brazil at 23%, and 16% by the US. The oilseed byproducts account for that significant export of the country. It exports mainly to Netherlands, Italy, Indonesia, and Spain among others totaling one hundred countries. 

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