Factory Price Buy 10TPD Commercial Wheat Flour Machine to New Zealand

Commercial wheat flour machine can grealty increase the wheat flour production efficiency and reduce the investment on labors. It is not suitable for business use, but also suitable for farms. (Related post: Four Mill Machine for Small Business >>)

commercial wheat flour machine for sale at factory price
Commercial Wheat Flour Mill Machine for Sales

10TPD Commercial Wheat Flour Machine for New Zealand Client

It is a full set of wheat production line that can process 10 tons of wheat one day. It is designed with cleaning machine, wheat grinding machine, sieving machine, scale and packaging machine. (Read more: How Much does a Flour Mill Cost?)

commercial wheat flour machine to New Zealand
10TPD Commercial Wheat Flour Milling Machine
wheat flour milling machine loading to New Zealand
Wheat Flour Machine Loading for New Zealand


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ABC Machinery is a leading grain processing machinery manufacturer in China. We have helped our customers to set up many flour mill projects in New Zealand, Chad, Argentia, Mozambique, etc. If you are interested in buying a commercial wheat flour machine, we are definitely the BEST choice due to reliable quality, reasonal price and professional experiences. Welcome to contact us anytime!

Introduction of 10TPD Commerical Wheat Flour Machine by ABC Machinery

Manufacturing high quality and efficient flour milling machine to help customers solve their needs for grain processing is always our goal. We sincercely appreciate all our dear customers. With their supports, our commercial flour mill machines has been started in many regions, like Chile, Ghana, Zambia, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Uganda, Algeria, Ethiopia, etc. If you are also interested in buying commercial wheat flour mill machine, please do not hesitate to send us inquiry. Our engineers will soon offer you the most suitable equipment list and estimated cost for your reference. 

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Factors Affecting Flour Milling Results of Commercial Wheat Flour Machine

The commercial wheat flour machine we have recently exported to foreign countries, whether small scale or large scale, are automatic wheat flour mills. The only differnece between small scale wheat flour milling machine and large scale wheat flour mill equipment is the flour milling processes. So what are the different factors that affect the grinding process of commercial wheat flour mills? 

  • Unreasonable Feeding

For commercial grinding machines, the place where manual operation is required is feeding process. When feeding, if the properties of the added materials are unreasonable, it will cause unreasonable effects of the flour grinding process. For example, the added material has a relatively high humidity, which is prone to blockage at this time, which leads to a decline in the efficiency of the grinding process of the wheat flour milling machine and reduces the effect of its production; (Related article: How does Automatic Wheat Milling Machine Work?)

  • Unreasonable Parameter Setting

When the automatic flour machine is working, before starting the machine, the staff needs to set its parameters. When setting the parameters, if the parameters are set properly, the production effect will be better, otherwise, the grinding effect will decrease. For example, if the rotation speed of the analysis machine of the flour machine is not set reasonably, it will not only affect the production capacity, but also affect the particle size of the finished product; (Read more: 10~30TPD Wheat Flour Mill Machine for Sales >>)

  • Irregular Maintenance

For the grinding process of the automatic flour machine, in the process of using the equipment, the wear and tear is unavoidable, and in the process of using the machine, the external environment will also have a certain impact on it. If the flour mill is properly maintained, these effects will lead to a decrease in the grinding effect. 


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