Electric Wheat Grinder Machine and Grain Mill Unit for Sale

The followings are three hot sale types of grian grinder machine for sale. They are widely used at home for individual use and also popular equipment for mini / small commercial flour milling production in countryside. View the machinery introduction below and don't hesitate to send us an inquiry for detailed quotation and latest promotion price!

small grain grinding machine for sale at factory low price

300-500 kg/h M6FY Wheat Grinder Machine

M6FY wheat grinder machine is a basic model but with excellent performance, which is of high efficiency and productivity as well as great stability. With the features of low energy-consumption and small noise, it is compact in structure and good-looking. This mini machine set is small in size but great in performance.

mini wheat grinder machine for grain flour milling at home
Equipment Structure

Mechanism of the Flour Grinder

Round nylon screen insides the flour grinding machine facilitates the further separation between pure flour and other by-products. The final desired product is at low temperature even after milling and processing. The gap between rollers could be adjusted based if needed. Besides, the milling process is also controllable for maximum usage of the machine.

Model Capacity (kg/h) Power (Kw) Weight (kg) Packing (mm)
M6FY-35 350 7.5 Kw (380v,50hz) 560 1300*750*1430
M6FY-40 400 11 Kw (380v,50hz) 600 1300*750*1430
M6FY-50 500 11/15 Kw 810 1450*800*1500
M6FY-60 600 18.5/22 Kw 930 1450*850*160

The main application of the Flour Grinder is listed as below:

  • Individually used or fixed in the small flour plant.
  • Available for varieties of grain, including wheat, sorghum, coffee, cocoa and other chemicals of similar bio-structure and intensity (Consult us if not sure).

300-500 kg/h M6FC Electric Grain Mill Unit

The M6FC series grain mill unit is latest product designed, with is easy to operate and maintain. The small size makes it cost less power and occupy little space. All the operation would be done on the ground, without any ground holes needed.

grain grinder machine for making flour from various cereal and beans

Equipment Structure

The main application of the Commercial Grain Grinding Machine Set is listed as below:

  • For individual usage or fixed in the small flour mill plant;
  • Various materials to be processed including wheat, sorghum, coffee, cocoa, other grains.
Model Capacity (kg/h) Power (Kw) Roller Dia (mm) Weight(kg) Packing (mm)
M6FC-35 300-400 7.5+1.5 Kw (380v,50hz) 220 675 3250*1500*3250
M6FC-40 350-430 11+1.5 Kw 220 710 3250*1500*3250
M6FC-50 400-500 1/15+1.5 Kw (380v,50hz) 220 920 3250*1500*3250

350-500 kg/h M6FX Wheat Grinder Mill

M6FX model is based on the basic milling model with the additional air elevators. Since it is the upgraded wheat grinder machine, M6FX is also able to clean the dirty wheat before milling.

small wheat milling machine set for grinding grain flour
Equipment Structure

The machine is fully automatically-operated once the program set. The final production is of high quality with low temperature due to the efficient processing. M6FX is also compact in structure with simple regulating design. The round handle attached could facilitate manual operation to life and grade the material. Flour and other by-products would flow into different stainless receiver below, which save manpower.

Main Parameters of M6FX Grinder

Model Capacity (kg/h) Power (Kw) Weight (kg) Packing (mm)
M6FX-35 350-400 7.5+2.2KW(380v,50hz) 950 2000*2200*2200
M6FX-40 350-450 11+2.2KW(380v,50hz) 1050 2050*2200*2200
M6FX-50 400-500 11/15+2.2KW(380v,50hz) 1200 2010*2200*2200

Mechanism of the Grain Grinder

As mentioned above, there are cleaning part and grinding part inside the grain grinder machine. The cleaning part is mainly the air elevator with pneumatic cleaning. While the flour grinding system is composed of a qualitative mill with high speed roller, a reinforced flour extractor, a blower, and air-tight pipes. Feeding and collection could be done above the ground-level, safe and convenient. Sealed pipes are used to convey grain by compressed air to avoid the flour spreading around. The followings are the main application of the Grain Grinder:

  • Being multi-functional for both individual usage and fitting in the small plant.
  • Various materials to be processed including wheat, sorghum, coffee, cocoa, other grains. 
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