10~30 ton/d Wheat Flour Mill Machine for Sale

More solutions to grain processing have sprung up to deal with the changes and challenges brought along with the rapid development of the world economy and the acceleration of the grain circulation. Among all the solutions, the small scale flour mills with low investment are becoming increasingly embraced by the numerous villages. With the newest design concept of being small and efficient, the totally brand-new machinery manufactured is fully qualitative for the current market volume and value.

10 ton/d wheat Flour Mill Machine

Featured in low investment and high efficiency,M6FTY-10 series flour mill machine small scale unit is a complete set of equipment whose production is of high quality, stability and constancy. As shown in the figure below, the production line consists of combined grain cleaning machine, destoner, wheat washer, flour milling machine, round sieve, fans, airlock, and so on. This machinery unit enables wheat sieving, threshing, destining, washing, grinding as well as flour sieving.

small sized wheat flour mill for mini grain processing production
M6FTY-10 Flour Mill Details

Equipped with fan for raw material elevating, this plant saves manpower. With round sieve which is easy to replace for flour purification and clarification and 2 sets of wheat milling machines for separating grind bran and wheat core, the flour quality and extraction rate could be guaranteed to the most extent.

Capacity 400-500kg/h wheat
Extraction rate About 76%
Quality standard GB1355
Power 27.15kw
Workshop 10*5*4.5m

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This small scale wheat flour milling unit is able to process 10T wheat per day. Together with combined cleaning machine, screenroom, dampening machine, purifier, this flour production line could work smoothly and stably. The cleaning machine is mainly used for clearing straw, dust, stones and other impurities. The screenroom is made up of one sifter, one scourer, two destoners and one dampening machine. And lastly, the purifier comprises two sets of M6FY-35 style wheat grinder, three reel-separator sets and one air filter set.

Features of 10T Wheat Flour Mill Machine Set

  • Compact structure and elegant appearance.
  • High duration with 25 years of service time.
  • Easy installation and operation, no special skills and tools are required.
  • Low investment and highly-qualitative production.

20-30 ton/d Wheat Flour Mill Machine

The 20-30ton/d wheat flour mill machine mainly comprises cleaning sieve, wheat threshing machine, destoner and washing machine, magnetic selector, flour milling machine, highly-efficient plansifter, bran brusher, flour elevator, fans, airlocks and so on. This set of equipment enables wheat bolting, threshing, stoning, milling and flour sieving. The wheat cleaning part adopts the technology of 1 time sieving, 1 time threshing, 1 time of stoning, 1 time of magnetic selecting and 1 time of washing. While flour milling part adopts the technology of 4 times of bran milling, 1 time of core milling, 1 time of bran brushing and grading outside sieve.

small wheat flour milling machinery for sale at factory low price
M6FTY-20 Flour Mill Details

The figure above shows the whole plant which is easy to install, operate and maintain. With limited space occupied, this plant could work at the best level. The plant is compact in structure, easy to install and maintain. Besides, with smaller size, it is of lower power consumption and higher efficiency. (Industrial Project: 160TPD wheat flour plant in New Zealand)

Capacity 20TPD, 30TPD
Flour extraction rate 80-85%
Quality standard GB1355
Power About 60kw
Workshop requirements 16m*5m*4.5m

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