M6FY Coarse Cereals Flour Milling Machine

This M6FY series coarse cereals flour milling machine is a single machine. Due to perfect design, high efficiency, electricity-saving, easy operation, low maintenance and low noise. It is ideal for small scale production of wheat flour, corn flour, sorghum flour, rice flour, soybean flour. It can process almost all kinds of grain materials. Because of compact construction, small size and low cost, this series of multi-function coarse grain flour milling machine is favored by farmers, home uses or small flour mill workshop to make small scale flour from various grain. It is also widely applied in small wheat / maize / rice milling plant with capacity lower than 50 ton per day.

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The length of M6FY small cereals flour mill is below 200mm. The key parts of this milling machine is a couple of roller.

M6FY-30 300 7.5 300 1100*670*1260
M6FY-35 350 7.5 560 1300*750*1430
M6FY-40 400 11 600 1300*750*1430
M6FY-50 500 15 810 1450*800*1500
Before add grain materials (such as wheat, maize and rice) into the flour milling machine, they should be cleaned and tempered firstly. The moisture content of the grain before milling should be controlled within 13%~15%.

How the Small Grain Flour Milling Machine Works?

cereal grain flour mill structural schematic diagram

Structural Schematic Diagram

When cereals are lifted to the hopper, they will be grinded while go through two rollers (one is fast roller, the other is slow roller). Then the grinded grain / cereals will be sent to the round separator which can separate the flour and bran. The bran will be send back to the flour mill for milling once again.

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