1000 Tons Wheat Silo Project in New Zealand

Client: NZ Flour Mill Ltd
Silo Capacity: 250 tons x 4 silos (totally 1000 tons)
Application: wheat storage for 160 TPD Wheat Flour Plant
Project construction year: 2015
Project location: North Island, New Zealand
Inside System: Ventilation and temperature measurement system, PLC system.

Transmission Flow of the wheat silo project: Raw Wheat → Elevator 1 → Pre-Clean Machine → Elevator 2 → Corridor on Silo Top → Conveyor 1→ Silo → Conveyor 2 → Milling Section.

1000 ton wheat silo project build for 160 ton per day wheat flour mill
Wheat Storage Silo of 160TPD Complete Flour Mill
the capacity of each wheat silo is 250 ton
Capacity of Each Silo: 250 Tons
inside of the wheat silo
Inside of the Wheat Silo
top of the wheat silo
Top of the Storage Silo

Every wheat silo is аssembled by mаny gаlvаnized рlаtes, jointed together by bolts, there’re аlso strengthen steel sрine inside to mаke sure silo stаble. Besides bolts, we use sрeciаl glue to connect eаch gаlvаnized рlаtes, this ensure no one droр rаin cаn get inside. Wheаt cаn store for longer time. You are welcome to contact us for detailed information about this wheat storage silo project! We are always ready to servce you!

Buyer is аn exрerienced Mаchinery Engineer, аfter comраrison he chose our machine insteаd of Buhler, Euroрeаn аnd Other Chinese suррliers. He sрeаks highly of our silo quаlity аnd рrofessionаl instаllаtion teаm. (You maybe also interested in: 15000T Grain Silo at Ndola Zambia)

Wheat production process

Wheat is stored in facilities called silos and only removed in the right amounts needed by the company that wants to grind it for flour production. This process is done various cylindrical containers. The unwanted matter is removed and water vapor introduced into it then grinding, sieving with plain sieves and separation of the different components (outer layer (flour), inner layer (bran) and the germ) is done. The flour is then supplemented with other nutrients and stored as soon as possible in silage and remains there for about 7 to 10 days, approximately a week, and once sale orders are made it is packed into bags.

Facts about wheat silo

A wheat silo is a storage facility for agricultural products for home use or use in projects. Some of the products are rice, sorghum, peas, beans, beet seeds, rye seeds, rape seeds, flour just to mention a few of the granular crops. The facility can be made of steel, timber, plastic or cement. Of the four steel, the spiral storage facility is most used due to its unique favorable storage characteristics.

The most significant activity of the storage process is choosing an appropriate wheat silo. Of the types of the fryer, steel model is the most suitable since it is adequately protective against rodents like rats, insects and water leakages into it. In this, pesticide application is also enhanced since it is airtight. All over the agricultural markets in the world ABC Machinery is well known to offer a variety of electroplated steel grain storage containers and the equipment set up solutions. This food storage industry has been functioning over many years and with this has had the best manufacturing and storage designs and maintains the quality of the products of the commercial users without interfering with the functionality of the stored product. Our storage facilities of different capacities have been presented below in the form of size tables, for reference purpose. We can also design specifics according to owner's needs. Feel free to contact us through the following inquiry form!

  • I am looking to add a "silo " addition to our home. Kit bolted looks promising. About 15-20 diameter and 40--60 high. A DIY project.
  • What's the unit of the 15~20  diameter and 40~60 high, is it feet, pls clarify.
    Besides, wha raw material are you going to storage in the silo? Could you fill in the form in the attachment, so we could design and quote for you accordignly.
  • Good Morning.I am interested in your Lipp equipment, is it possible to get some more information on the equipment. We want to build tanks with a diameter of 12.4m and a height of 12m from 3mm glavabond G300. Does your system create an air tight seal? Is it possible to get a quote for equipment that will satisfy the stated specifications providing lead time for delivery to Australia and price.  If more information is required please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Hi, Thanks for your enquiry to our products. As for your request, could you explain what's "3mm glavabond G300" mean? As for our products,  it's 2.5mm galvanized steel sheet, with 275g/m2 galvanization rate. However, we could design for you specially if this standard is a must. It's no problem about the air tightness, you could even do the fumigation in the silo.
    Meanwhile, could you kindly confirm the below questions:
    i) What's the storage material in the silo, and what's the density(kgs/m3)?
    ii) How many silo do you need?
    iii) Do you need auxiliary equipments? if yes, what's the input and output capacity of the silo(ton/hr)?
    iV) Do you have dimension or drawings of site?
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