A Look into the Maize Processing Market

In recent years, the processing of maize flour and grits has become a tremendously lucrative sector, as the global demand for maize-based goods has increased. Recent market research projects that the global maize flour and grits processing market will reach $83.1 billion by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 4.2% from 2021 to 2026. Increasing consumption of maize-based items, such as morning cereals, snacks, and convenience meals, is chiefly responsible for this expansion. To help more people get a full understanding of the maize flour and grits processing industry, we then collect relatet articles on starting maize milling business in different countries. In this column, we will discuss the maize flour and grits processing sector, including market analysis, investment returns, mill technology and machines, and more

Profitable Common Maize Processing Businesses

profitable maize processing business

  • Maize Flour Milling: grind maize into flour, which is then used to make various food products, such as bread, pasta, and snacks.
  • Maize Grits and Meal Production: separate maize into different components, including grits and meal, which are then used in various food products.
  • Maize Starch Production: process maize into starch, which is used in various industries, including food, paper, and textiles.
  • Maize Oil Production: extract oil from maize kernels, which is used in cooking, animal feed, and other industrial applications.

Top Maize-consuming & Maize-producing Countries

Rank Country Maize Consumption (Million Metric Tons) Rank Country Maize Production (Million Metric Tons)
1 China 280.0 1 United States 385.5
2 United States 277.6 2 China 260.0
3 European Union 62.6 3 Brazil 106.0
4 Brazil 64.5 4 Argentina 51.0
5 Mexico 42.0 5 Ukraine 37.5
6 Indonesia 16.5 6 India 30.0
7 Japan 16.0 7 Mexico 27.0
8 Egypt 14.5 8 Russia 15.0
9 South Korea 10.5 9 South Africa 14.0
10 Colombia 8.7 10 Indonesia 12.5

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