120TPD Automatic Wheat Flour Mill Project Constructed in India

Project Name: Complete Automatic Wheat Flour Mill
Production Capacity: 80~250 tons per day (TPD)
Mill Size: 30*8*10 meter
Client: Ali flour mill industry
Contruction Date: 2013
Raw Materials: India Wheat
Application of Final Flour: for making various Indian traditional food such as Kozhikodan haluva, Thekua, Litti chokha, Dal bafla...
Flour Extraction Rate: 70~75%
Power Consumption: 69KW.H per ton of wheat
Workers Needed: 3 shifts per day; every shift needs 7-10
Price / Cost (Equipment Only): Around 400,000 USD

This is one of our medium scale automatic wheat flour mill project finished in the year 2013. It is built in India. It has bean running for more than 3 years till 2016.

The custοmer cοmpany is οne family cοmpany, and their family has been wοrking in flοur mill industry fοr οver 15 years, befοre they built this plant, they used small machine with οrdinary quality flοur. And this middle sized flοur mill plant imprοved the flοur quality οf final flοur and enlarged the market.

wheat flour mill
Wheat Flour Grinding and Packing
automatic wheat flour mill project
Details of the Automatic Wheat Flour Mill Project
cleaning system of the wheat flour mill project
Cleaning Section
details of the wheat processing machine in the mill
Other Details of the Wheat Processing Mill


Advantages of the Wheat Flour Milling Project

Cleaning part: The cleaning part of this mill uses dry technologies to enable it perform its functions efficiently through the help of brushes and sifters among many other separating types of equipment.

Milling part: This is another part of the flour mill which ensure that the flour that comes from the mills is evenly milled. Considering a machine that is able to mill around one 1tonne per day them you can make around $1230 income daily. This amount is unbelievable yet its more possible to make more money than that if you own your wheat milling machine.
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For more detailed or equipment and price list of a customzied automatic wheat flour mill, don't hesitate to get intouch with us!

Start Your Own Automatic Wheat Flour Mill Business

Are you thinking of starting a grain processing business with great returns? Are you an investor who is looking for the best machinery for milling wheat so as to produce wheat flour? Wheat flour is an every day necessity as it used to make bread, pastas and biscuits Food processing activities like wheat flour milling are always viable due to the fact that food consumption is a basic need. This article will offer all the information that you need to know about the wheat preparation, wheat flour milling machine, the trend of wheat flour in
the world market and where to get the best machines for small and medium wheat flour factory. (Related Product: Small Wheat Flour Milling Unit)

General Wheat Milling Process

  • Harvesting of wheat

The wheat is harvested from the farm from where it is grown, after which it is taken to a factory where it is weighed and recorded.

  • Wheat Preparation

The first process in milling the wheat to produce the desired wheat flour is to make sure that the wheat to be milled is free from any impurities. These impurities may include dust, soil and other foreign materials that may be present. This can be done by passing the water through the wheat so as to separate the bran from the endosperm. It is during this stage that cleaned wheat is taken to the rollers where its highly crushed. During this stage, the wheat is provided with the right states of moisture by using water to temper it. (Related Equipment: Grain Cleaning & Hulling Machinery)

  • Wheat milling

The tempered wheat is taken to first rollers where it is crushed lightly, after which it is taken to the second set of rollers which produce even more finely grinded wheat. The process is repeated often until the lastly all the wheat is finely grounded to produce wheat flour. There are types of wheat flour milling machine that are always available but this article will only concentrated on a 10TPD machine. (Related Equipment: Flour Milling Machine for Sale)

How to start your own Small Wheat Flour Plant?

As mentioned earlier, wheat processing is a profitable business activity that you cant go wrong when you consider to investing it. Most people think that wheat milling machines always require huge amount of capital which is not always the case. ABC Machinery can offer turnkey solutions for mini scale, small scale, medium scale and large scale flour grinding production. Don't hesitate to contact us for more details! We are always ready to serve you!

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