Affordable Mini Wheat Flour Mill Plant for Small Business on a Budget

If you are planning to start your own flour milling business and want to begin with mini wheat flour plant, you are in the right place! Here we would like to recommend you our HOT SALE mini wheat processing line. Competitive price, high quqlity, all-around service is ABC Machinery's business philosophy. We sincerely hope to become your parterner on grain processing machinery. Feel free to get in touch with us whenever you feel interested in knowing more details and cost about our flour machine or complete plant. We are always at your service!

Mini Plant for Wheat Flour Milling Production

Main Features: Simple operation, simple operation, easy to maintain, requires less workspace.

  • Continuous process of wheat at 20TPD (20 tonnes per day)
  • Power: 41.3 kW;
  • Voltage: 380V; 50HZ.
  • Dimensions: L×W×H=16.5×5×4 m.

mini wheat flour plant
Mini Flour Plant Unit

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The cleaning, flour making, packing and controlling process in Mini automatic wheat flour plant is highly automated and on a whole require very little manual intervention.

  • Wheat cleaning: Cleaning itself consists of several sub-processes like beating, screening, magnetic separation and dampening. These processes ensure that the grains are extremely clean before being ground into flour. (Related Equipment: Wheat Cleaning Production Line)
  • Flour Grinding: Next the grains are floured and passed through a sieve to remove large lumps of grains. These large grains are further processed by pneumatic flour mill ensuring all the grains are floured. This ensures higher efficiency and lesser wastage.
  • Flour bagging: Next comes the packing process and the mini automatic flour plant provides the flexibility of either having an automated or manual process. So based on the requirement and the machine capacity either manual or automatic flour bagging can be employed.
  • Controlling: This small scale automatic flour plant is self-controlled and requires minimum labor involvement. It hardly requires any manual intervention for running of the flour plant.
A mini wheat flour plant grinds wheat or any other grain into flour continuously. As compared to the conventional milling the involvement of human labor is minimal thus saving on labor cost and reducing human error. This very feature gives this small flour milling equipment set a competitive edge over the conventional flour mills. The elimination of human labor and numerous other advantages are the driving factors for all the modern grind mills to automate their production plants and move towards automatic and semi-automatic flour plants.

Advantages of Our Mini Wheat Flour Plant Unit

Mini automatic wheat flour plant comes in various sizes and capacities based on your flour production requirements. A smaller version can be used at home for small scale production. An Industrial flour plants are high capacity and meant for large scale production. Thus a mini automatic wheat flour plant is "single machine that serves all purpose".

There are several advantages of establish a small flour mill.

  • As earlier mentioned the labor involvement is reduced and with involvement of line production the production timings are reduced. This ensures large volume of production in very less time. The highly robust process and quality of goods combined with reduced labor involvement and lessor human error ensures higher efficiency.
  • This small wheat flour processing plant have much higher safety standards with respect to the traditional flour mills. This is attributed to lesser employees being involved. The fact that it consumes lesser space and improves work environment are other advantages.
  • As the investment on automation increases so does the production volume. So the mini plant comes with higher production volumes which also ensure higher profitability.
  • It is very easy to maintain. Reduced space consumption means that the work space remains clean and is easy to maintain.

All these features and advantages ensures that the small scale automatic wheat flour plant unit is the way forward. The traditional flour mills are slowly and surely making way for the small flour plants. So if you are looking forward for setting up a new flour mill or upgrade your existing flour milling machine, the mini automatic wheat flour plant will be the ideal product for you. You are welcomed to inquire for the lasted price of this small unit!

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