How to Design a Complete Wood Pellet Plant?

As we all know, biomass pellet manufacturing business has been a hot investment project around the world, especially in regions where has rich wood waste and agricultural waste. Many investors are interested in starting wood pellet production business or setting up complete biomass pellet manufacturing project due to its great business potentials in the future. However, how to start it? How much it would cost? 

how to choose the right wood pellet plant layout design

ABC Machinery, as a leading biomass pellet machinery manufacturer in China, devotes to providing customers with highly efficient customized biomass pellet plant. We can provide the full services for wood pellet production system, including factory design, equipment selection and manufacturing, onsite installation and commissioning, operation training and more. Here, we provide the main wood pellet plant factory layout design for your reference.

Choose Right Wood Pellet Plant Design for Your Business

We are able to customise a wide range of complete biomass pellet plant solutions to meet the different needs of our customers. (Read more: Biomass Pellet Plant Project Setup by ABC Machinery >>)

Mini/Small Scale Wood Pellet Plant Design

small wood pellet plant factory layout design
Small Wood Pellet Factory Layout Design - Flat Die Pellet Mill

  • Capacity: 200~800KG/H
  • Pelletizing Processes: Crushing, Drying, Pelletizing, Cooling, Packaging.
  • Core Biomass Pelletizing Machinery: Hammer Mill, Dryer, Flat Die Pellet Mill, Cooler, Auto Packaging Machine, Conveyors, etc.
  • Uses: It is more suitable for small scale wood pellet production business, or farm use, or household uses. The equipment can be added or reduced to meet the requirements of different production or budgets. 

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Medium/Large Scale Wood Pellet Manufacturing Project Design

complete wood pellet plant factory layout design
Biomass Pellet Plant - Ring Die Pellet Mill
factory design of commercial wood pellet production line
Complete Wood Pellet Production Line - Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill

  • Capacity: 1~40T/H
  • Pelletizing Processes: Chipping System, Crushing System, Drying System, Pelletizing System, Cooling System, Screening System, Packaging System, PLC System, etc.
  • Core Biomass Pelletizing Machinery: Chipper, Hammer Mill, Dryer, Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill or Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill, Cooler, Auto Packaging Machine, Conveyors, etc.
  • Uses: It is especially designed for commercial or industrial wood pellets manufacturing to make biomass pellets for sales or for power plants, heating system, etc. 

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How to Make Biomass Pellets?

Biomass pellets are a new type of fuel. It is small in size, do not produce new pollution, low cost of environmental regeneration, easy to transport and store, hygienic and convenient, and do not produce waste. After setting up a complete biomass pellet plant, then how to make biomass pellets? (Related post: Wood Pellet Production Line Price >>)

The main biomass pellet production process is that the acquired biomass raw materials are transported from the raw material site to the workshop by car, and the biomass raw materials are transported to the shredder by manual feeding method and cut into 15-20mm frothy shredded materials, then the shredded materials are sent to the spiral feeder by the cyclone separator, through the bucket elevator and iron remover, into the drying equipment, and then sent to pellet mill press machine by the spiral conveyor for pelletizing process. Then the pellets fall into the cooling machine for cooling, when pellets are cooled from 130℃ to 80℃ into the screening machine for screening, the screened qualified pellets are weighed by the pellets storage hopper to the sewing machine for packaging, and the packaged pellets are sent to the finished product warehouse by car. (Read more: Business Plan for Wood Pellets Production >>)

Raw Materials Suitable for Biomass Pellets Making Business

There are a very wide range of raw materials that are suitable for biomass pellets making. Before setting up complete biomass pellet plant, it is also important to find out stable and cheap raw materials supply. Biomass materials that are suitable for biomass pellet making business are below:

raw materials suitable for biomass pellets making business
Raw Materials Suitable for Biomass Pellet Making Business

  • 1. Wood logs, wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust, offcut, etc.
  • 2. Building formwork, woodworking trimmings, etc.
  • 3. Corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw, etc.
  • 4. Fruit shells, like fruit pomace, palm fiber, palm shell, peanut shell, cotton shell, almond shell, walnut shell, coconut shell, etc.
  • 5. Other waste, coal chips, organic fertilizer, waste paper, etc.

With years of experiences in biomass pellet processing industry, ABC Machinery has helped customers around the world to build efficient biomass pellet plant projects. And, we have gained rich experiences in dealing with different raw materials, even some special raw materials. If you are interested in starting biomass pellets making business or setting up a biomass pellet plant, please contact us to get more detailed information about the equipment, factory layout, and more. 

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