How to Solve Small Sawdust Pelletizer Machine Pelletizing Issues?

Sawdust pelletizer machine turns woody and agricultural wastes into valuable biomass pellets, which not only can save cost on fues, but also protects the environment from pollution. Now, sawdust pelletizing project has been becoming lucrative due to energy crisis around the world. And more and more people tend to buy biomass pellets for heating or just buy wood pellet machine to make their own pellets. (Read more: Project Cost of Wood Pellet Business Plant >>)

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Sawdust Pelletizer Machine for Sales

Buying sawdust pellet mill machine is just the start to making biomass pellet, either for household use or business purpose. If you are new about wood pelletizing, there may have many problems when you actually use it. Fortunately, most sawdust pellet machine supplier will help you to deal with all of these issues. But, if you have some understanding about some typical issues occur when using the sawdust pellet mill machine, you could be easier. (Read more: How to Make Wood Pellets from Sawdust?)

Solution of Poor Forming Pellets by Sawdust Pellet Machine

Many users are annoyed when using sawdust pelletizer machine for poor molding effect or failure to reach expected capacity. Now we will talk about this issue and help you to find the right solutions.

how wood pellets are made from sawdust
How Wood Pellets are Made from Sawdust?

The main factors that determine the shape of sawdust pellets are the size and moisture of raw materials, which are really crucial during the biomass pellets manufacturing process. Generally, please check below two pionts firstly. 

  • Size of Raw Materials

The size of the wood materials should not be greater than the two-thirds of the diameter of the final wood pellets made by sawdust pellet machine, which is about 5-6mm. If the size is too large, the time of the raw material in the pelletizing chamber will last, which directly affects the output. And if the raw materials are too large, it is need to be crushed beform loading into sawdust pelletizer machine, otherwise, it will damage the machines and increase the wear of dies and rollers. In complete wood pellet plant, there will be equipped with professional crushing machine, like wood chipper, hammer mill, etc., to make raw materials into smallest pieces. For small scale wood pellet production line, there are also have equipment to deal with larger raw materials, welcome to contact us to get more details!

  • Moisture of Raw Materials

Sawdust pelletizing requires the moisture of raw materials should be controlled between 15%~20%. If the moisture is too high, the surface of the processed pellets will not be smooth and cracked, and if the moisture is too much higher, the pellets will not be formed directly. If the moisture is too small, sawdust pellet mill machine will have a high rate of powder or even no pellets formed directly.

Small Sawdust Pelletizer Machine for Sales

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Solutions to Prevent Malfuntion of Small Sawdust Pelletizer

In order to keep stable performance and prevent malfunction of your sawdust pellet mill machine, it is better to take some measures when the machine don’t work. 

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Hot Sale Small Sawdust Pellet Mill

  • Sawdust pelletizer machines should be placed in a dry place indoors and should not be used in a place where there are corrosive gases such as acid circulating in the atmosphere.
  • Check the parts regularly to see if they work normally, once a month. The inspection includes whether the worm wheel, worm gear, bolts, bearings and other moving parts on the lubrication block are rotating and flexible, and whether they are worn out. If defects are found, they should be repaired in time and no longer used.
  • After starting or shutting down sawdust pelletizer machine, take out the rotating drum that cleans the remaining powder in the brush barrel, and then install it properly to prepare for the next use.
  • If the downtime is too long, sawdust pellet mill must be wiped clean all over, and the smooth surface of machine parts should be coated with anti-rust oil and covered with cloth.

As long as you do the above work, you can greatly reduce the failure of the pellet mill and make the efficiency of the pellet mill reach the highest level.

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