How the Improve the Efficiency of Complete Maize Processing Plant?

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main corn processing products
Main Maize Prcessing Products (corn grits, corn flour, corn starch)

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Nowadays, the progress of science and technology greatly liberates the input of manpower, all of which are the pursuit of intelligent, networked, simple operation and maximum benefit for enterprises. The same is true for complete equipment for corn processing. Then, how can we improve the production efficient of complete equipment for maize processing plant?

Operation Points to Improve Maize Processing Plant Efficiency

complete set of maize processing plant machine
10 ton/h Maize Processing Plant

The popularization of agricultural science has made grain production more modern and grain processing more convenient. And China is a major producer of corn. On the premise that the raw grain is abundant and the grain industry is highly praised by the government, many people want to invest in maize processing plant and industry. So how to improve the efficiency of maize processing machine? Let’s learn about the knowledge of corn processing equipment with ABC Machinery, so that you will have nothing to worry about during the whole production process when starting your own maize milling business plan.

  • Previous Preparation

The power shall be switched on first before starting the complete set of maize processing machine. And then test the fan and observe the rotation direction.  If the fan is inverted, correct immediately. You maybe also interested in knowning about grain cleaning plant
  • Maize / Corn Loading

When it comes to loading, the grain should be poured between the grain rack and the stacking rack. 
  • Maize Drying Process

In the process of maize processing, the temperature shall be controlled by different opening angles of the temperature control board. When working steadily, the temperature control board should be horizontal. If the temperature is too low, the distance between furnace and fan can be adjusted. In order to dry the corn evenly, it needs to be turned every half hour at the beginning, and turn it once every 20-25 minutes at the end. Based on experience and drying time, the maize can be discharged when they are estimated to have been dried. In order to facilitate the discharge of maize, we can first carry out the grain rack, put aside. The discharged maize can be moved to other places for deep processing. (Related equipment: Grain huller for sale )

maize processing plant process flow
Maize Processing Flow Chart

It is true that choosing the suitable and high-quality maize process machine is the key of setup a maize mill plant. And it is also true that correct operation will increase the production efficiency and economic efficiency of the corn processing plant. (Read more about flour mill plant layout >>)

how to start your own production line with best business plan

How to Choose the Maize Processing Equipment?

The secret of how to choose the maize processing equipment has been explained in the past articles, do you still remember? Here's a review of the main points. How to select corn deep processing machine? What determines the quality of the equipment?

When buy maize processing machines, we will compare and select carefully, so how to select high-quality and high-efficient equipment at low price? In fact, the corn deep processing equipment also have its principle of 20%~80% Principle. As long as you master the important points, you will not pick up bad equipment. Let’s study these points with ABC Machinery. (Our projects: 300 ton/d commercial flour mill plant setup in Algeria)

Maize processing plant machine is specially used to process corn which is widely used in industrial food processing factory, while small maize grinding machine is mainly used in small maize milling workshops in rural areas. In fact, at the beginning of the purchase of maize mill machine, we are more worried about the quality, so how to purchase a good maize processing machine and what’s the factors related to the equipment quality? Let’s find out!

Remember the following advices from ABC Machinery

  • Good wear resistance is what makes it reliable. Choose machinery that uses all-steel welding rather than forging materials.
  • Pay attention to the processing procedures, and choose the process which can adjust the produce fineness conveniently. And the fineness should be evenly.
  • The maize processing machinery should has a good heat dissipation which can prevent the influence of high temperature on the processing.

The above factors will affect the quality and efficient of maize processing plant machine. To ensure the quality, after-sale service and be more guaranteed, you are suggested to buy from regular and reliable grain processing plant manufacturers and suppliers. 

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