60TPD Maize Milling Plant Set Up in Zambia

Project Name: Small Maize Milling Plant
Year of Construction: 2013
Grain: Zambia maize and white maize.
Flour extraction rate: 70-75%
The size of workshop:21m*7m*7m
Cost / Price (Equipment Only): Around 60,000 USD
Production Capacity: 40~60 tons per day
Application of Final Corn Flour: Used for Local food such as Nshima
Power: About 120KW, power consumption per ton maize: 48KW.H.
Workers needed: 3 shifts per day; every shift needs 5 workers.

This maize milling plant is built for one of our Zambia Client in the year of 2013. It adopts 6 sets of 2250 manual roller. The cleaning part adopts one vibrant sifter, one destoner, two magnetic separators. While in the milling section, adopts the 6 maize flour milling machines.

mini maize flour milling plant
Mini / Small Maize Milling Factory
small maize milling machine for sale
Corn/Maize Milling Machinery
small maize milling plant
Mini Plant Unit for Grinding Maize into Flour


The client did not visit our company, we communicated online and he visited one of our old project in Zambia, and then placed the order. We sent one assembling team to the customer for installing and debugging of the maize flour factory and the mill works very well till now. The final flour is mainly sold to the local market and the flour is perfect to produce the local traditional food.

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Maize is one of the leading as it is readily available and is as source of food for the worlds population. Milling maize provides a highly effective alternative for consuming maize.

Maize Flour Milling Process

Maize milling or corn flour grinding involves processing maize / corn into flour product  to make it safe for consumption. The preprocess before milling enerally involves cleaning the maize to get rid of dust and other particles, soaking the maize in water to dampen it and placing it in a bin for some time.

  • Cleaning and Conditioning

Taking out the foreign materials and particles that do not make a part of the maize kernels is crucial as it helps in improving the eminence of the final product. The foreign materials that are got rid off in this process include dust particles, husks, straw, sand and all the other particles that may be lighter small or bigger than the kernel.

The process also involves the removal of toxic seeds and other materials that may cause harm to the milling gear such as stones and metal. Conditioning refers to adding up of moisture to allow the maize the smooth peeling off of the bran the use of roller or plate mills during milling thereby allowing a sifter and easy separation, meant to generate more mass for the meal. (Related Article: The Rise of Grain Processing Machine)

  • Maize / Corn Flour Milling

After the cleaning and conditioning process, milling can begin and can take several forms:

Hammer milled maize is the lowest cost option and is most suitable for rural application. Hammering involves grounding up and hammering maize through the aperture for an undefined class closely associated with sifted maize meal. The maize meal is considered inferior to trade because all the germ, endosperm and bran are hammered and ground up through the process The resulting meal; has a diminutive shelf life because of the fast rancidity of the germ after milling, contains a lot of powder which leads in moisture adsorption and quick release of the moisture when cold which turns the porridge sour. Porridge is also likely to turn yellowish and may lead to a bloated stomach. (You may also interested in: Mini Wheat Flour Mill Plant)

Maize can also be polished or de-germinated through a 1.6 mm hippo hammer prior to milling to provide a good eminence Special Sifted meal. To have a highly satisfactory maize meal, it is important to de-germinate your maize a rate of 3, 2, 0.5 tons hourly rate. The de-germinator or polisher will effectively separate the germ, bran and endosperm. This will be possible through the use of a hammer mill, a roller or plating mill.

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