100 TPD wheat flour factory project in egypt

Project Name: 100TPD Wheat Flour Factory
Grain: Local Wheat
Client (Company): Globle Trade & Consultancy Ltd
Location: Aswan, Egypt.
The size of the workshop: 40*12*16 meters
Investment Cost: 220,000 USD (Equipment Only)
Power: 375 KW
Capacity: process 100 T wheat per day
Flour Extraction Rate: 70-75%.
Workers needed: 10
Final Flour: for making pasta and retail selling.

flour mill plant ground floor Ground Floor
flour mill plant first floor First Floor
flour mill plant second floor Second Floor
Installation and Debugging Installation and Debugging
Cleaning Section Cleaning Section

This project is a 100 TPD wheat flour factory built in Aswan, Egypt. The equipment of flour milling factory is perfect. It adopts the national advanced equipment. Its main equipment of milling flour is FMFQ5X2 style Pneumatic Mill, whose features are sealed installation, lower noises and lower power consumption. The equipment of sifting flour is FSFG6X24 style Plansifter

The equipment of purifying flour is the advanced patent product. Its features is blowing well, adjusting simply, good result of separating, the rate of ash content is reduced 60%-70%. The equipments of cleaning wheat include vibration separator, grain separator, horizontal scourer, stoner, washer and other equipments. The equipments have such feature as follows: stable running, low maintenance, high efficiency, electricity-saving, low noises.

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