square plansifter

Square plansifter is also named as high efficiency vibrating plansifter. It is one of the key equipment of flour milling process and grain grinding production. Four mill, plansifter and purifier are three main flour mill machines for sale. Plansifter is generally used for screening and grading after grinding. It can also be used as checking sifter.
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Item FSFG4×24C FSFG6×24C FSFG8×24C FSFG4×24H FSFG6×24H FSFG8×24H FSFG10×24H
Sieve quantity 4 6 8 4 6 8 10
Size (mm) 640*640 640*640 640*640 740*740 740*740 740*740 740*740
Meter quantity for each sieve 18~28 18~28 18~28 18~28 18~28 18~28 18~28
Sieve size  (m2) 21.0~38.2 31.6~57.3 42.1~76.4 30.4~53.4 45.6~80.1 60.8~106.8 95~115
Roller revolution (rpm) 240 240 240 240 240 240 240
Diameter (mm) 60~65 60~65 60~65 60~65 60~65 60~65 60~65
Machine weight (kg) 2750 3700 4700 3500 4900 6600 7300
Power (kW) 4 5.5 7.5 5.5 7.5 11 15
Efficiency height (mm) 2100

There are three types of plansifter: double nest plansifter, single nest plansifter and square plansifter. Below is the main structurer of square plansifter, which is a kind of horizontal screening machine.

plansifter structurer

Square Plansifter is mainly consisted of screen, mesh, feeding device, beams, suspender, discharging mouth and transmission. The main body is made of high quality low carbon alloy steel through CO2 protection welding. The screen box wall adopts sandwich construction filled with insulating materials, sot that to prevent condensation and corrosion. Adopting vertical transmission and igning ball-bearing, ensures long service life. The door is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics, sealing tightly.

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