How the Biomass Briquette Production Line Works?

Due to the high demand for biomass fuels for industrial and domestic use, biomass briquette production line is increasing day by day. These briquettes are environmentally friendly and are a great alternative to other fuels so chances are the world will depend on them more soon, which provides huge opportunity to start briquette manufacturing business for people who are interested in biomass fuel industry. (Read more: Briquette Business Plan >>)


Start Briquette Manufacturing Businessstart Briquette Manufacturing Business
Start Briquette Manufacturing Business

Biomass Briquette Production Machine

For the production of biomass briquettes, residues obtained after processing different woods or the agriculture wastes are used. These residues are waste materials that can pollute the earth if thrown away so instead of wasting them, converting them into more useful and efficient products is a wiser choice. For this whole process, a suitable and high-quality biomass briquette machine, also known as wood briquette press or biomass briquette plant, is used.The screw briquette production machine has reasonable structure, simple operation and maintenance, which can save biomass briquette manufacturing cost and improve efficiency.

Wood Briquette Press for Briquetting
Wood Briquette Press for Briquetting
Biomass Briquette Production Machine
Biomass Briquette Production Machine

Different technologies are used in briquetting machines. A suitable technology is chosen according to the type of raw material used. For biomass briquettes, generally high pressure compact is used. If the raw material that you are using is not finely crushed and is also wet then you will need more machines other than briquette machine, which is closely related with the briquette production process.

Screw Biomass Briquette Production Machine Models

Output Capacity (kg/h) 180-210 300-350 250-300
Motor Power (kw) 15kw, 380v, six grades 18.5kw, 360v, 6 grades 18.5kw, 360v, 6 grades
Electric Heater (kw) 2.2kw*2 2.2kw×2 2.2kw×2
Heating Range (℃) 280~350 280~350 280~350
Size of Briquettes (mm) 50*50mm*L480mm 60*60mm*L.500mm 50*50mm*L480mm
Size of Briquettes Inside Hole (mm) Dia.16 Dia.16 Dia.16
Density of Briquettes (ton/m3) 1.3 1.3 1.3
Weight(kg) 700 1000 700
Overall Dimension(mm) 2700*600*1600 2000*600*1700 2600*600*1600
Raw Material Moisture Requirements 8~10% 8~10% 8~10%

Biomass Briquette Production Line

To help you learn how this whole biomass briquette production line works, we have divided the process into different steps. So roll in to learn more!

Biomass Briquette Production Line
Biomass Briquette Production Line
Complete Biomass Briquette Production Plant
Complete Biomass Briquette Production Plant
  • Collect Raw Material

Wood is used in different industries for crafting different products. Wood has two kinds; hardwood and softwood. Examples of hardwood are cherry, oak, beech, and rosewood, etc. while common examples of softwood are redwood, cedar, and pine. Residues obtained after using these woods are used and compressed in this process to produce substitutes for fuels. These wood residues must have a low water content in them in order to be compressed properly in wood briquette production machines.

  • Grind Raw Material

If the raw material (wood residue) is not in small size or fully compressed then with the help of a grinder or crusher the residue is crushed more so that it can become of the suitable size for briquetting process. Large pieces will not be pressed properly and they can also affect the efficiency of the machine. 

  • Briquetting with Briquette Machine

A good quality biomass briquette production machine affects the quality and worth of its end product. The length and diameter of the briquettes are controlled by the machine. These machines provide the right amount of pressure and heat to convert loose raw material into dense briquettes. The combined effect of pressure and heat destroys the cell wall of plant cells which releases very important polymer lignin that binds the crushed particles together. Due to this natural material, there is no need to add binders during the whole process. That is why it is also called binderless technology. (Read more: Briquette Machine Manufacturers >>)

Setting Up Biomass Briquette Production Line



  • Dry the Final Product

The briquettes obtained from the biomass briquette production machine are then heated properly to remove possible water content present in them. It reduces their weight and increases their proficiency. (Read more: Airflow Pipe Dryer >>)

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