Mustard Oil Plant Machinery

We are offering international quality standard mustard oil plant machinery for producing premium edible vegetable oil. Premium materials and advanced technology are used in manufacturing oil making machinery with high performance and durable characteristic. As edible oil processing is a delicate task, ABC Machinery is good at designing excellent range of edible / cooking oil plant and machinery for both small and large business plan. Each plan is customized, making depanding on every client's situation and requirement.

automatic mustard oil plant projects
Automatic Mustard Oil Plant Projects

Understanding that oil seed processing is a delicate task, we design excellent range of cooking oil pressing line for your oil mill,both small or large scale.

Mustard Oil Production and The world Market

India is known to the third largest producer of mustard oil in the world, where it contributes nearly half of the oil production in that country. The first two producers of mustard oil include Canada and lndia. Most of the Canada mustard oil production is meant for exports. The world market trend on mustard oil is very low as most countries only produce it to meet their local demands. There has been a increasing effort by the Eurpoean Union to promote mustard farming which will greatly boost its production.

mustard oil plant machinery for sale
Basic Mustard Oil Mill Plant Machinery (Contact us to get customized plan!)

Process of Mustard Oil Plant and Machinery

The first step that is involved in the manufacturing process of mustard oil mill plant is as discussed below:

  • Mustard seed preparation

Oilseeds Pretreatment - The fist step in the manufacturing process involves sorting out the seeds and removing the rotten ones.This ensures that quality seeds are the ones that are taken to the mustard expeller machine for further processing.

  • Conditioning the mustard seeds for processing

This is the second step in the mustard oil processing where the raw materials are provided with the right conditions of temperature, pressure or mosisture ready for further processing.

  • The Mustard Oil Plant Machinery

The next step in the oil mill process involves feeding the mustard seeds to the machine for further processing. The mustard oil expeller is is automatic and will start to process once the seeds are fed in the required quantities.After feeding the seeds the machines starts to process and mustard oil is eventually produced.There are various types of expeller machines in the market based on their output power.They normally range from 4 bolts to 6 bolts respectively.After production the oil is taken to filter press where impurities are removed and pure oil is obtained

About Mustard Oil

expelled mustard oilThe mustard seed produces two kinds of oils ,namely: vegetable and essential oils. The vegetable type of oils is obtained from the pressing of the mustard seeds.The essential oils however are obtained from distillation of a mixture of the pressed mustard seeds and water.The mustard oils are the widely used for culinary purposes in Bangladesh and Indian countries.The oils have a pungent taste and have strong aromas.There are so many benefits that are associated with the use of the mustard oil which are aimed at improving the
health of a person.The oils has an added advantage of increasing appetite, stimualting the body digestive system ,cardiovascular benefits as well as reducing chances of cancer.

The mustard oil is extracted from the mustard seed by the help of the mustard oil plant machinery.This article will offer much information about the mustard oil production,the trends of mustard oil on the world market and manufacturing process as wel as the frequently asked questions about oil processing or machinery.

FAQs on Mustard Oil Plant and Expeller Machine

  • A: What is the average price of the mustard oil mill machinery?

This is no doubt the most obvious question that may be ringing in the mind of a serious investor.The average price of the machine is about $200 inclusive of the delivery charges.

  • A: What is the mustard essential oil used for?

The pure essential mustard oil has been used extensively for massaging and soothing purposes with great success.

mustard oil plant final products

This article will serve as a useful guide to all who are interested in the mustard oil business. If you have any doubts about mustard oil making plant or manufacturing process, welcome to contact us anytime you feel interest in maize/corn oil manufacturing, we are always at your service!

  • I want to set up a fully automatic mustard oil plant in north india. My budget is 0.1 million u.s sollar. kindly suggest me about the required machinery along with the rates and capacity of plant.
  • Glad to receive your inquiry.  For the mustard oil plant, pls tell me whether you need the oil refinery equipments and the filling machine?  May I know what is your suitable 3phase voltage?
  • Pls send me price of Mustard Oil Mill Machinery.
  • We can establish the oil plants with capacity 3TPD,5TPD,8-10TPD,15TPD,50TPD, etc, and the smallest oil refinery equipment is 1TPD type.
    So, pls confirm the capacity of the mustard oil plant you need. I will send you one video of the oil plant we have established in India, it's the 10TPD press workshop and 1TPD refinery plant, and the raw material is the mustard seeds. Details pls check the email attachment.

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