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ABC Machinery is world leading company in seed oil extraction and refinery including prickly pear seed oil extractor. We provie professinal plant oil extracting technology along with quality oil extraction equipment espacially for edible oil processing plant. We have good reputaion among all our clients. Anytime you would kine to know more info about our prickly seed oil extractor oil complete unit, please don't hesitate to let us know and we will reply in one business day!

Prickly Pear Seed Oil Manufacturing

There are various stages that a Prickly pear fruit undergoes before oil is extracted from its seed. lt is first harvested from the farm and taken to the factory for processing. Upon arrival at the factory, its is thoroughly washed to remove all the mud and other impurities that may be present. The cleaned fruit is taken to a separating machine where the fruit is crushed to obtain the seed. The seeds are taken to the Prickly Pear Seed Extractor where they are pressed to obtain the oil. The oil obtained is taken to the filter to remove any impurities that may be present (read more: oilseed refining machine). There are two types of extractors that are used in seed oil processing as discussed below.
Small Oil Production Line: This is an oil extracting machine that is mechanically driven to obtain optimum yield in oil extraction.The machine is easy to operate and requires minimal capital investment.

small prickly seed oil prouction line

 Screw Oil Press is the key equipment of this small equipment unit. It is an mechanical oil expeller machine that is a screw driven to obtain the maximum yield of oil from oil bearing seeds.The machine has low energy consumption as compared to the pressing line. It has a simple design and makes low noise.

Advantages of Applying the Prickly Pear Seed Oil to Your Skin

The pure prickly pear seed oil is obtained by using the best Prickly pear seed oil extractor in the market. There are many benefits that users of the oil have enjoyed as discussed below;

  • argan oil componentsProduces brighter skin complexion:The oil has antioxidant properties that help in the renewal of the cells ,which leads to production of the entirely new skin.
  • Moisturizing and Nourishing properties:It has a high concentration of Linoleic acid that has the ability to soothe the dry skin.
  • Brightening of the skin Dark spots:The oil is rich in Vitamin K which makes it possible for it to reduce spider veins which may cause dark spots in the skin.
  • Anti-aging properties:It contains Betelains which is a powerful compound with proven anti-aging effects.
  • Reduces wrinkles:The oil is rich in Vitamin E which is known to increase renewal of the cell, thus preventing the occurrence of wrinkles.
Applicable to all types of skin:The oil can be greatly applied to all skin types including the sensitive skin,due to its non- irritating nature.

The Prickly pear is a cactus plant that is usually grown in the arid areas of the world. It has very sharp spine and large flat leaves. It is mainly grown in large scale in Mexico, Middle East, Latin America as well as North African countries. The plant is grown both as a commercial and fruit crop respectively. lts fruit is very sweet and thus are used to make candies, juices and many syrups. lt is used to make cuisine of Mexico. The prickly pear seed is most used in the cosmetic industry to make skin care related products. This article will provide information about Prickly pear seed oil manufacture as well as the best prickly pear seed oil extractor in the market. It will also offer relevant information about the world market trends of the Prickly pear seed oil to help investors in decision making.  (Related machinery: Flax Seed Oil Press for Sale)

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If you are considering in investing in healthy oil extraction business plan, then prickly pear seed oil is the best option. We will provide you with the best prickly pear seed extractor that is highly economical. Why don't you contact us to learn more about our plant oil extractor and customized seed oil extraction unit? Get in touch with us anytime you feel interested in oil extraction production line. We are always ready to offer you the best service!

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