What Benefits Can the Cattle Feed Pellet Machine Create for Investors

In the past, most large-scale cattle farms were able to purchase feed pellet machines. Now, many free-range farmers and investors have begun to use feed pellet machines to produce and process cattle feed pellets. However, there are still different opinions on whether the use of feed pellet machines in cattle farms is worthwhile, and whether investors can obtain good benefits at a lower cost. Today, ABC Machinery will tell everyone about the benefits of feed pellet machines for investors. What good changes will there be?

Cattle Feed Pellet Production

Cattle Feed Pellet Production

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Cattle Feed Pellet Machine Turns Waste Crops Into Treasure

Make Cattle Feed Pellets
Make Cattle Feed Pellets

The harvest season is a joyful season, but at the same time as harvesting, a large amount of agricultural waste will also be generated, and this large amount of agricultural waste is a headache. Agricultural and forestry waste such as straw and rice Husks, soybean meal, corn cobs, peanut husks, stalks, tree bark, etc., are burned to pollute the atmosphere, and they are useless if they are not burned. So how to solve this problem? The emergence of the feed pellet machine has solved these problems very well.

The cattle feed pellet machine can process these waste agricultural wastes into cattle feed pellets, and the feed pellets produced by the feed pellet machine are not only nutritionally balanced, but also convenient for transportation and storage. Cattle feed pellets can be used for breeding or sold to others as feed. Moreover, the feed pellet machine can also process these agricultural wastes into fuels with a high burning rate and no pollution. Not only can it replace coal, but it also does not have the disadvantages of coal combustion.

Cattle Feed Pellet Machine Allows You to Rest Assured to Make Feed

With the rise of people's consumption level, food safety issues have received more and more attention. Problems with feed formulations, excessive drug residues in meat products, large amounts of sand in the feed, or large amounts of low-cost feed have seriously harmed the farmers. Interests.

The price of the cattle feed pellet machine is in line with mass consumption, and the operation is simple, so that more farmers and investors have the conditions to produce their own feed, from raw materials to formulas, to make their own ideal feed. The following picture shows the feed pellet processing equipment produced by ABC Machinery. As an experienced pellet machine manufacturer and supplier, the feed pellet machine provided by ABC Machinery improves the palatable digestion and absorption function of cattle, sheep and other livestock and poultry, shortens the fattening period of livestock and poultry, it can effectively guarantee the production cost of farmers and investors.

2-5TPH Cattle Feed Making Machine for Sale
2-5TPH Cattle Feed Making Machine for Sale
Cattle Feed Pellets Plant
Cattle Feed Pellets Plant

As a new type of breeding equipment, the feed pellet machine is recognized by more and more farmers and investors due to its simple structure, convenient operation and high cost performance. If you are interested in the feed pellet processing industry or want to build a poultry feed pellet plant, you can contact us to have a detailed understanding.

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Analysis of The Function of Feed Pellet Machine in Cattle, Sheep and Other Livestock and Poultry Breeding

  • The processed feed has a high return rate.

Feeding poultry such as cattle and sheep with pellet feed can increase the feed conversion rate (that is, the rate of return) by 10%-12% compared with powdered feed.

  • Solve the problem of being picky eaters.

After the feed is processed, it can increase the flavor, stimulate the appetite of the cattle, increase the feed intake, and improve the digestibility of the feed.

  • More economical storage and transportation.

After being processed into pellets by the feed pellet machine, the bulk density of the feed will generally increase by 40%-100%, which can reduce the storage capacity and save transportation costs.

  • Avoid automatic grading of feed ingredients and reduce environmental pollution.

After the pellets are made, there is no classification of feed ingredients, and the pellets are not easy to dust. During the feeding process, the pellets have much less pollution to air and moisture than powders.

Cattle Feed Pellet Factory Pelleting Video

Therefore, investing in the cattle feed pellet machine industry has very good benefits. The feed pellet machine is an ideal equipment for professional breeding households and small and medium-sized feed processing plants to reduce costs and improve economic benefits. If you have any questions about the selection of feed pellet processing equipment, you can consult ABC Machinery, and we will reply to you within 24 hours.

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