Feed for Success: Innovative Ways to Boost Cattle Feed Pellet Quality

With the increasingly fierce competition in the poultry feed business, more and more attention is paid to the pellet quality of pellet feed. Users require feed pellets to have smooth appearance, uniform pellets, appropriate pellet hardness, low pulverization rate, and water content to meet standards. The realization of these requirements involves feed formulation and raw material quality, feed processing technology and feed pellet machine and many other aspects.

Cattle Feed Pellet Production
Cattle Feed Pellet Production

The cattle feed pellet processing business is one of the most popular investment industries, and more attention should be paid to the quality of the pellets produced. As a top manufacturer and supplier of poultry feed pellets, ABC Machinery Company provides complete project plans and machines, including design, equipment manufacturing, factory construction, commissioning, commissioning and on-site operation of complete cattle feed processing plant training, aiming at the production process , Equipment and other aspects to improve the quality of pellets.  (Click here if your want to build a Poultry Feed Mill Plant )

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 Improving the Quality of Cattle Feed Starts From Improving the Production Process

Improving the quality of feed pellets by improving the production technology of cattle feed has become one of the important means for modern feed companies to improve product quality. In the production process of feed pellets, the factors that affect product quality can be summarized into three aspects: one is the compliance of the quality of raw materials; the other is the scientific nature of the feed formula; the third is the pros and cons of the production process, and the three influence each other , Complement each other. This article focuses on the production process that can be improved to improve the quality of cattle feed pellets based on actual production.

Cattle Feed Pellet Production Process

Receiving and cleaning of raw materials——storage (silos, bags, oil tanks)——crushing (including pretreatment of raw materials such as puffing)——ingredients——mixing——granulation (cooling)——metering and packaging.

Process of Making Cattle Feed Pellets
Process of Making Cattle Feed Pellets

The production process of cattle feed pellets is completed by a combination of machinery and process technology. Only by improving the level of production technology, product quality and equipment utilization, and ensuring feed quality, can cattle production performance be maximized, so that the investment of a factory can also achieve the best benefits.

The Key To Improving The Production Process Of Cattle Feed Pellets

Discuss, analyze and study how to improve the following key processes to better improve and stabilize the production quality of cattle feed pellets through improved processes.

  • Moisture control of feed pellets

The moisture of feed is affected by the weather and raw materials, and fluctuates greatly in each season of the year. A more appropriate moisture content can ensure better particle quality (such as gelatinization, particle hardness, powdering rate, water solubility, etc.), and it can also reduce machine wear, reduce energy consumption, and improve equipment service life and production efficiency . In order to solve the problem of low water content and particle quality of compound feed, the process is improved by using feed water retention machine, that is, the mixture of surfactant and appropriate amount of water is sprayed evenly on the surface of the material in the mixing machine through the equipment to achieve the purpose of increasing the moisture of cattle feed. 

  • Raw material removal control

If the impurities in the cattle feed ingredients are not cleaned up in advance, it will affect the quality of the pellets, and even affect the production performance of the cattle, loss of equipment in the processing process, and reduce the efficiency of factory operation. Therefore, in the cattle feed decontamination process, magnetic separation and screening, that is, protection of equipment should be emphasized. In fact, while protecting equipment, more attention should be paid to cleaning up the debris in the raw materials and various mycotoxins and harmful bacteria hidden in the debris.

  • Raw material crushing process

Different types of crushing machines also have a great impact on the fineness and uniformity of the cattle feed ingredients, so the selection of the crusher is very important. According to relevant literature reports: Compared with the uneven particle size of the hammer mill, the uniformity and fluidity of the raw material particles pulverized by the roller mill are better, thereby improving its processing performance.

Cattle Feed Pellet Crushing Machine
Cattle Feed Pellet Crushing Machine

  • Raw material mixing process
When choosing a mixing machine, it is important to understand whether its various performance parameters are good. The minimum mixing time for the best mixing uniformity is the lowest process cost. The effective time for the best mixing uniformity is restricted by the raw material components and the order of feeding, ensuring that the materials can be fully mixed and uniform.
Feed Mixing Machine
Feed Mixing Machine

The improvement of cattle feed pellet processing equipment (hardware) and advanced technology and production management (software) constitute a scientific production process.ABC machinery is a supplier and manufacturer of the best feed pellet machines, with rich experience in cattle feed production and processing technology. If you have any questions during the cattle feed processing, please feel free to contact us, we will give you professional guidance in time.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Improve the Pelleting Quality From the Selection of Cattle Feed Pellet Machine

The quality of cattle feed pellets is also related to the impact of cattle feed pellet machines and their accessories. If the ring die specifications do not match the specific formula, the pelleting quality and production rate will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a ring die of a specific specification to ensure the pelleting quality. Moreover, proper ring die speed is also very important to ensure the quality of cattle feed pellets. If the speed is too fast, the pellets will leave the ring die with extremely high centrifugal force, causing looseness and splitting when contacting the inner wall of the pelleting chamber, resulting in powdered material It must be sieved out and returned to the granulator to re-granulate, resulting in a decrease in production efficiency. 

Secondly, businesses must choose suitable high-quality cattle feed pellet machines to produce feed pellets, so as to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and create more economic benefits for the business.

Choose High Quality Cattle Feed Pellet Machine

The poultry and cattle feed machines supplied by ABC Machinery adopt a modular design, which can realize customized feed processing plants. At the same time, as an experienced feed machine factory, we can also help you develop the best business plan to build your own animal feed pellet factory, such as a small poultry feed factory, a large chicken feed or poultry feed factory. Please feel free to send inquiries to get the cost and design details of the cattle feed production plant.

Large Cattle Feed Pellet Production Machine
Large Cattle Feed Pellet Production Machine

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Build a Cattle Feed Pellet Plant Project

100TPH Poultry Feed Pellet Plant in China
100TPH Poultry Feed Pellet Plant in China
ABC Machinery Part Poultry Feed Pellet Project Case
Project Case  Yield Country
Poultry Feed Pellet Plant 2-4TPH Uzbekistan
8-10TPH China
40TPH China kaifeng
100TPH China jiangsu

ABC Machinery Company specializes in the design and manufacture of small-scale poultry feed mill machinery, mobile low-cost feed mill units and turnkey poultry feed production plants and related animal feed processing machinery. Our equipment is designed to obtain the best granulation effect and maximum output. Our goal is to help customers build an animal feed manufacturing plant at a lower cost. We design animal feed pellet plants with different capacities for almost all types of poultry and livestock (such as cattle, chickens, pigs, goats, horses, rabbits, etc.).

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