Rice Bran Solvent Extraction Plant

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rice bran oil mill

Rice is a major staple food with almost nearly half of the world's population depends on it. Rice is grown in more than one hundred countries across the globe.lt is harvested from the field in paddy form where it is later taken to the mills where the germ and bran are separated the resulting to a residue Rice bran is a by-product of the rice processing production.Rice bran oil is a product that is obtained by the method of solvent extraction between the germ and the rice husk.The oil has many medicinal benefits as it operates as anti-oxidants helping the body to get rid of the toxic wastes.Studies have also revealed that the use of rice bran oil greatly reduces the plasma chorestrol levels which in turn results to good blood flow in the body.

The current rice bran oil production in the world today is approximately 600 metric tons year.The oil is commonly used in the South easten Asia continent but has began to spread to other parts of the world.The article will also offer information about rice bran oil solvent extraction plant as used in the bran oil production.

Rice Bran Oil Extraction Process

There are two ways in which the rice brain oil can be obtained either by pressing directly or by use of solvent extraction method.

rice bran oil extraction plant large scale
Full Scale Rice Bran Oil Extraction Plant (solvent extraction)
rice bran oil refinery plant
Rice Bran Oil Refinery Plant

There are three major steps that are involved in manufacture of the bran oil.

  • The first step involves the preparation of the raw material so as to get ready fore processing.the activities that are involved in this stage involve washing ,cutting and getting the raw material in a good condition such as heating upto 100 degrees awaiting the second stage.
  • The second stage involves the actual production where either direct pressing or solvent extraction method are used to produce the oil.The rice bran solvent extraction plant is suggested in this case.
  • The last stage involves purification stage where the impurities are removed from the oil leaving the oil much pure ready for use.Steam distillation method is applied to remove any unwanted flavors plus any free fatty acids that may be present. (Related articles: Rice Bran Oil Refinging Plant)

Frequently Asked Qustions about Rice Bran Oil

Question :What are the sizes of the machinery that are used in the rice bran oil manufacturing process?

Answer: The size of the machine is moderate and the cost ia affordable.

Question ;What are the additional benefits that rice bran oil has as compared to other oils?

Answer: The oil has added benefits as compared to other oils in the market.it has a high oxidative stability which makes it ideal to be used for deep frying purposes.

Question: What is the exact production capacity of rice bran oil solvent extraction plant?

Answer :Under the normal operating conditions the machine is supposed to produce a minimum of 50 tonnes per day.

Rice bran oil production is expected to grow as more customer awareness programs are being conducted.Customers who need rice bran oil solvent extraction plant can contact us for purchase and installation purposes.Rice bran oil is not doubt the answer to all our health problems today. Why don't you contact us for your rice bran oil machinery needs and we will be glad to serve you!

  • Dear sir,we are rice manufacturing company in sri lanka and we wish to establish solvent extraction plant (batch type )25Mt perday raw material capacity for the initial step and we wish to continue same plant for soya bean their fore please quote us with the soya bean pre preparatory section as soon as possible.
  • Dear, Tks so much for your enquiry to our products. As for your request, could you kindly clarify is your raw material rice bran or soybean?
    Because the pretreatment section is different for this two materials. Besides, why do you want batch type solvent extraction plant. Considering the inconvinence,it's better to make it continuouse solvent extraction plant.
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