Groundnut Oil Milling Machine Assembly Unit

The small groundnut oil milling machine assembly unit can process a great many of vegetable oil seeds, such as soybeans, peanuts, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, palm kernel, coconut etc. It uses a mechanical drive, and big pressing force in the chamber, making high oil output.

groundnut oil milling machine for small scale vegetable oil production
1~15TPD Vegetable Oil Production Line

Advantages of the Small Oil Milling Machine Unit

1. Easy operating and Small investment, saving land and labor and wide application;
2. Continuous high speed oil extraction, bring better economic benefit to user.

Reference Price: $5000~$8000 (The cost data is the approx. data, as the oil content, the impurities in the raw materials, the operations and many factors will affect the output of your raw material.) Feel free to contact us and tell us if you are interested in this groundnut oil milling machine unit.


  • Send a quotation for an oil extraction machine for groundnut oil.
  • Thanks for your inquiry.
    Please let me know if your groundnut is with shell or not?
    What is capacity(kg/h) do you need of the oil machine?
    How about local electricity? Is 380V,50Hz,3phases suitable for you. Let me know if you have special requirement.
  • It is for shelled ground nuts. Single phase may be ideal but perhaps challenge may be capacity. At least 500kg of  shelled nuts per hour. No problem whether single phase (220 V) or 3 phase (380V) as long as it can achieve capacity. How much residue oil will these machines leave in the cake after extraction of oil.
  • If your groundnuts are still with shell, I recommend you to buy a sheller machine together with the oil press machine. Attached is the quotation sheets for the two machines for your reference.
    The oil machines are only suitable for 3phases electricity. So it is better to use 3phases,380V,50Hz electricity.

    Usually for the screw press way, the residue oil in the cake is approx. 7%. You may use the oil cake to make pellets for animal feed. If you have interest also in this machine, please also let me know.
  • I want quation of small groundnut oil processing to Zimbabwe.
  • Please kindly let me know if your raw material is the groundnut kernel or with hull?
    What is the capacity(ton/day) do you need of the oil milling line? Usually small line ranges from 1ton to 15tons per day.
  • I am from Cameroon. I am interested in your small scale groundnut oil production line.
    Would like to know the cost and equally find out if training is required if yes then for how long ,and the cost as well.
  • Thanks for your inquiry. It is easy to install and operate, no need training, we also could send manual for you.
    Please let me know what is capacity do you need of the groundnut oil production line?
  • I have been into groundnut oil marketing and not production. that's why I am looking for something really small for a start.
    let's say about 4tons per day or even less. my goal is to set up a small scale. production line in Bamenda( Northwest region of Cameroon) and should be able
    to establish by December this year.
    Please. equally send to me information about shipping.
  • According to the capacity you required, I recommend you to buy our small oil pressing line, which is very popular recently.
    Attached the quotation sheet of the small line for your reference. 
    Where is your nearest sea port? I will calculate the shipping cost for you later.
  • What is the cost of acquiring a complete processing line of machinery in the production of groundnut oil?
    Will you provide technical support required in the handling of the equipments after procurement? I am in India.
  • As the cost is based on the capacity, so what is capacity do you need of the groundnut oil plant?
    Yes, after the machines delivered to your factory, we will assign people to come to your factory to install and train your workers. So do not worry about this.


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