Extract Oil from Sesame Meal With Hexane

sesame seed oilSesame oil is known for its health benefits. It is used in alternative medicine and many wellness treatments including rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, blood sugar, anemia, premature graying of hair, skin care, to fight stress and depression among many others. The natural oil is a well known anti-inflammatory agent, detoxifier. Sesame oil contains a plethora of nutrients, like proteins, antioxidants, carbohydrates, lignans, tocopherols, and many other micronutrients. Sesame is preferred as an oilseed for its higher oil content compared to many others. Sesame oil is usually considered as a high quality and expensive oil.

Sesame Oil Extraction Methods

Sesame seed is grown widely over large agro-ecological regions all around the world. It is grown in a lot of different varieties. Sesame seeds are mostly grown in the tropics and the temperate zone. It is among the oldest oil seeds known to mankind and is widely cultivated in different countries of Asia and Africa. Although sesame seed is also used in a variety of cuisine, oil extracted from sesame seed is used mainly for its distinctive flavor. Globally, the largest producers of sesame seed are India, China, Burma and Sudan which collectively produce almost 60% of the world’s total production. A major part of the produce is used for sesame oil extraction. Over the years, sesame oil extraction methods have undergone various changes to maximize the oil yield. There are various popular methods of extracting oil from sesame seeds but the process of solvent extraction and expelling is a comparatively simple yet beneficial one. (You may also like: Sesame Oil Extraction Machine for Sales)

Solvent Extraction of Sesame Meal with Hexane

Extracting sesame oil using the mechanical method was the earliest known method of extracting the oil. It involved applying physical pressure to “squeeze out’ the oil from the seed. With the advancement of technology, and to make the process more effective, the modern screw press was used to take out oil. However, none of these methods sufficed to maximize the expected amount of oil extraction as a considerable amount of residual oil still remained within the sesame meal or cake solid.

solvent extraction of sesame oil
Rotocel Extractor of Sesame Oil
desolventizer of sesame oil processing
Desolventizer of Hexane for Sesame Oil Processing

Solvent extraction allows to extract the maximum possible oil from the sesame meals. In the process, while manufacturers extract oil from sesame meal with hexane, the unroasted seeds are initially passed through a process of extraction by simple mechanical pressing. Thereafter, they are subjected to solvent extraction. Solvent extraction from sesame meal with hexane generates more stable oil. The polar solvents prove to be more effective as compared to non-polar solvents and pressed seeds. The oxidative stability of the oil has a great influence when the extraction method is used. An effective solvent extraction can acquiesce up to about 52-55 % oil from the sesame seeds.

Process to Extract Oil from Sesame Meal with Hexane

The detailed process about the extracting of oil from sesame meal with hexane is detailed below.

sesame oil extraction with hexane

Solvent Sesame Oil Extraction Process with Hexane

Requirements to extract oil from sesame meal with hexane

There are several requirements related when the feasibility to extract oil from sesame meal with hexane is considered when comparing to screw sesame oil extracting method.

  • It requires more investment cost.
  • It requires more professional operation for its complex process.
  • It is not suitable for small scale sesame oil processing.
  • It requires good management of the hexane.
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