Maize Milling Business by Efficient and Profitable Maize Milling Machine

A corn flour producer, the contents of his maize milling business plan should include corn processing facilities, establishment of distribution channels, marketing campaigns, etc. to achieve business profitability and competitive advantage in the marketplace. In this plan, an efficient corn milling machine is undoubtedly the most important.

maize milling business plan to select maize milling machine

Maize Milling Business Plan to Start Your Flour Plant

Maize Milling Industry Potential

Maize, one of three staple foods, has a great influence on humans. With the population continuing to increase, the demand for maize flour production will also increase. As one of the most widely distributed crops in the world, maize will inevitably be responsible for feeding a bigger population. As a result, more and more maize milling plants will be needed and built. Besides, corn flour is becoming increasingly popular as a natural ingredient among those who value their health. Its gluten-free nature makes it ideal for people who have food sensitivities, and cornmeal is a fantastic source of nutrients including fiber, vitamins, and minerals that help promote good health. Therefore, we can recognize maize milling business holds significant potential and vitality in the global market nowadays.

Areas of Major Maize Production and Consumption
Region Production Share (%) Consumption Share (%)
United States 40 30
China 20 25
Brazil 10 10
Mexico 8 8
Argentina 6 7
EU-27 5 6

Efficient Maize Milling Machine for Maize Mill Business Plan

There are two main scale types of corn grinding business in order to meet different business needs and production yield. ABC Machinery, a professional maize milling machine manufacturer, has designed different types of maize mill machinery at different prices for large and small corn milling plants. In addition, we also sell smaller yield corn mills for your buying choice. Therefore, there must be a suitable corn milling machine for your maize milling business plan.

Mini Flour Mill for Home and Mini Flour Plant

Grain milling machine and coarse cereals flour milling machine are very popular types of maize milling machine which are compact, small in size, low in cost and simple in operation, and can process almost all cereals. Although mini grain milling machines are smaller and mini flour mill plant cost price is lower, they are versatile enough to meet customer needs. Therefore, they are very popular in families, farms and mini flour mill plants.

mini and tiny corn grinding  machine in mini factory for sale

Coarse Cereals Flour Milling Machine for Sale (left)         Grain Milling Machine in Mini Plant for Sale (right)

Small Maize Milling Machine for Small Scale Business Factory

Compared to large scale maize mill plant machine, small scale maize mill plant machines have lower investment cost and maintenance cost. Small scale maize milling machines require a smaller footprint because of their small size, which also limit their output and automation. At the same time, they have a simple and easy-to-learn operating system that does not require a lot of operators and less difficulty in training time, which can reduce training costs. Therefore, they are a good choice for small start-ups or companies that need to pilot production.

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            20 tons/day Maize Milling Machine Set in Small Scale Plant (left)          10 tons/day Maize Milling Machine Set in Small Scale Plant(right)

Large Model Maize Mill Plant Machine

Large scale maize mill plant machine is suitable for large corn flour mills on an industrial scale with a large footprint. It will equip the mill with an automated system and modern milling technology, capable of handling large quantities of corn efficiently and producing better quality corn flour. With less human intervention, the possibility of contamination is reduced and therefore the corn flour produced is more in line with higher food safety standards. In short, they will help you realize your corn mill business plan. 

large maize flour mill machine in flour plant for sale

80 Tons Per Day Large Scale Maize Milling Plant

If you want to know the output and cost price of different models of maize grain mill machines, you can consult us for free!

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ABC Machinery Assist Your Maize Milling Business Plan

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ABC Machinery, a maize flour milling machine supplier, has made many excellent cases in the past ten years around the world. Our maize milling machines are for sale in South Africa, India, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania etc. and they all received unanimous praise. (Know more about <<Flour Milling Plant Projects>>)

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According to your various business needs and budgets, we are committed to providing tailor-made maize grinder solutions to your specific requirements. And the most important thing is that from the design to the completion of the mechanical production line, you can be assured that we will do it. No need to worry about inexperience or trouble.
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