How to Make Wood Pellets for Profit in 7 Easy Steps

This short article will give you a brief introduction to how wood pellets are made. If you are just curious about how to make wood pellets or are interested in making your own wood pellets this is a good place to start.(Related post:Choosing the Best Raw Materials for Different Processing Purposes to Make Wood Pellets>>)

how to make wood pellets
Make Wood Pellets For Home Use and Commercial Investment

Most pellets are made in large scale pellet mills but in recent years small scale pellet mills are becoming more popular for homeowners and small scale pellet businesses. If you are considering making pellets yourself the following ABC Machinery will help teach you how to make wood pellets and will better inform you so you will know how to select a pellet mill.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Steps Involved in Making Wood Pellets

  • Crushing

The raw materials used in the process must be broken down to a very small size. Generally small enough to fit into the mold. If the stock is more than an inch, break it first. If the raw material is like wood chips, you can skip this step. Wood chips or other small pieces can be further reduced with a hammer mill.

  • Raw Material Delivery

Once the raw material is broken, it must be transported to the dryer. There are several ways to transport these materials, namely screw conveyors, conveyor belts and vacuum systems. Among them, screw conveyors are the most common way to move the raw material through the pellet making process before it gets to the pellet mill.

  • Drying

Before making pellets the material must be dried. Depending on the material used the moisture content should be between 10-20%. For the pellet making process to work properly there needs to be some moisture in the material but only in the proper amounts. Using the dryer to dry the material to the proper moisture content is critical in making quality pellets.

  • Pellet Production

There are two basic pellet mill types. Flat die and round die.With a flat die pellet mill the material falls onto the top of a flat die surface and a roller rolls across the material pressing material between the roller and die.A round die pellet mill has a round ring shaped die. The rollers are inside the ring and press the material against the inside of the die. The pellets are then extruded out of the holes on the outside of the ring.

  • Sieving

Not all pellets form properly. Some will fall apart into small pieces. These pieces are sifted through a screen. Depending on the quality and consistency of the pellets you are producing the pellets may be sifted for size.

  • Cooling

The finished pellets are hot and release water vapor. So it must be cooled. The most common method is to use a cooler to prevent cracking of the pellets.

  • Bagging and Storing Pellets

At this point, the pellets are complete and ready to use. But in most cases, they need to be stored and transported to consumers. Pellets must be stored away from moisture by wood pellet bagger. If the particles absorb moisture, they will expand and become useless.

There are many raw materials for pellets, such as wood, paper, cardboard, grain, alfalfa, corn husks and straw, grass clippings, yard waste, forest and agricultural waste. In the steps above, we'll focus on wood pellets, but the process is basically the same with other raw materials.

Market Prospect of Investing in Wood Pellet Machine

Now that you know how to make pellets with a wood pellet machine,what are the benefits of investing in a wood pellet production business? Actually,In the new era, new pellet energy fuels are products in the field of environmental protection in modern society. The prototypes of these pellet fuels are some waste materials such as sawdust, branches, corn stalks, straw stalks, wood bran, and wood chips, after crushing, drying, the pellets are produced by a wood pellet making machine.Pellet fuel has low cost, high calorific value, and is more environmentally friendly than coal. It is an ideal choice for biomass boilers. It can not only be used as fuel, but also as organic fertilizer to loosen soil, and has broad investment prospects.

flat die and ring die pellet machine
Flat Die and Ring Die Pellet Machine

In recent years, the sales of wood pellet machines have been extremely hot, and the number of large and small manufacturers is also increasing, but the size and strength of the brands vary greatly. The market environment is also becoming more and more complex, and there are countless imitators who follow the trend later. However, no matter how complicated it is, the developers will always be the winners, and the core technology cannot be imitated. If you are interested in investing in this wood pellet production project to start your own business plan, you may wish to find a few more manufacturers and check whether it is worthwhile to buy their equipment from the aspects of strength, experience, technology, quality and service.

wood pellet production line project in Serbia

Wood Pellet Production Line Project in Serbia

The above photos are the engineering case of the wood pellet production line installed and commissioned by ABC Machinery in Serbia, which can be used as a reference for your investment in the wood pellet processing industry. If you are interested in starting a wood pellet manufacturing business, you can contact us if you have any industry-related questions. We will solve your doubts with our professional experience in manufacturing pellet machines. Wish your investment business a smooth progress!

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