6 Simple Things to Tell You How to Build the Small Wood Pellet Mill Factory

At present, as the requirements for reducing expenditures and protecting the environment increase, the demand for alternative energy sources is growing. In this case, wood pellets are one of the most popular fuels. Compared with oil, natural gas or coal, wood pellets are indeed relatively cheap and environmentally friendly. Therefore, some investors started to develop their own pellet processing business.

Hot Sale Small Wood Pellet Mill

Hot Sale Small Wood Pellet Mill

How to build your own small wood pellet mill factory? What needs to be paid attention to? What preparations need to be done? There may be a series of problems if you want to open the investment business of the wood pellet mill. Don't worry, the following ABC Machinery will tell you 6 things you must know about building a small wood pellet fuel plant.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Things to Consider When Building a Small Wood Pellet Mill Plant

Raw Materials

This is the first question you need to consider before setting up your own small wood pellet mill plant. You must be clear about what your raw materials are, whether the supply is sufficient, and whether they can be made into pellets after testing. If there is a furniture factory around you, you can use sawdust fragments as pellets;If there are many mountains around you, you can use wood chips, branches and some forestry waste as raw materials. After solving this step, you will have a good start.(Related Post:Choosing the Best Raw Materials for Different Processing Purposes to Make Wood Pellets>>)

raw material selection for wood pellet machine

Raw Material Selection for Wood Pellet Machine

Site Selection

In response to this, you need to consider the following four factors, each of which determines whether you can successfully start the wood pellet investment business.

Factors to Be Considered in Site Selection for Small Wood Pellet Mill

Area The area of ​​the wood pellet mill area should meet the requirements of production technology and transportation, and land for expansion should be reserved.
Water source Only an environment with convenient water can ensure the efficiency of production.
Electricity Small electricity can't drive large power-consuming machines such as pellet making machines, wood chipper, dryers, and coolers. Therefore, wood pellet plants need to be equipped with transformers to ensure power supply.
Transportation The site should be located in a place with convenient transportation and abundant raw materials, which can not only facilitate production and transportation, but also reduce costs and facilitate transportation and sales.

 Lant Layout

Various equipment should be reasonably arranged and compactly arranged according to the structure of the plant, which is not only conducive to operation, maintenance and management, but also saves area. The main production equipment such as shredders and pelletizers are placed as close to the window as possible to facilitate lighting and operation.Raw material storage sites, production sites, and finished product storage sites must be reasonably planned to fully save and utilize space. At the same time, pay attention to the fire separation distance and consider fire safety.

Device Configuration

  • According to your actual production, you need to choose wood pellet machines with different output. What suits you is the best.
  • Choose the corresponding auxiliary equipment according to the raw materials. If the raw material has high humidity, a dryer is required, and if the raw material is straw, wood chips, branches, etc., a crusher is required.
  •  Be sure to choose a strong professional manufacturer. Check the manufacturer's production years and scale to see if it has obtained the production standard certification.
  • The equipment should be able to run continuously for 24 hours, with high productivity, fewer failures, and less power consumption. The service life of the mold is as long as possible.
small wood pellet mill production line

Small Wood Pellet Mill Production Line


Determine the scale of your wood pellet production line and staff it according to actual needs.Generally speaking, the dust on the pellet mill production site is more serious, and the labor cost will be increased. Therefore, choosing a pellet production line with a high degree of automation can reduce labor costs.

Pellet Sales Market

Develop your own customer resources so that your pellet fuel can be sold after it is produced. This is undoubtedly a very important point. If you are brave enough, take care of both domestic and foreign markets.

  • It can be supplied to ordinary households as civilian heating and living energy, and it is used more in Northern Europe.
  •  Supply to power plants for thermal power generation.
  •  As the main fuel for biomass industrial boilers, it can replace coal, heavy oil and natural gas to solve environmental pollution.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Market Prospect Analysis of Wood Pellet Fuel Energy in 2021

Sawdust pellet fuel refers to the drying of wood by-products produced after felling of mountain forests or wood chips produced after wood processing, and after pressure molding and cooling treatment, they are made into pellets, which are used for burning, fireplace heating, etc. It is an environmentally friendly commercial fuel that can replace various chemical fuels. At present, it has been widely used in North America, Europe and other developed countries.

  • State support: the development of renewable and pollution-free new energy is the priority development direction of all countries in the world.

Energy and environmental issues have always been the subject of concern to countries all over the world. Biomass energy can not only supplement the shortage of conventional energy, but also has significant environmental benefits, so it has naturally become one of the key directions of energy development in various countries. The development and utilization of wood pellet biomass energy has legal protection, policy and financial support in many countries. Therefore, with the strong support of the state, the small wood pellet mill processing industry will inevitably have broad market development opportunities.

  • Own advantages: Sawdust pellets made of wood scraps are non-polluting and renewable energy sources.

As an environmentally friendly fuel, wood pellet fuel has a high combustion efficiency of more than 80% (about 60% of ordinary coal combustion), and produces less sulfur dioxide, ammonia nitrogen compounds and dust. At the same time, energy consumption can be greatly reduced. Compared with fossil fuels, it can save more than 50% of energy on average.

Compared with other energy sources, wood pellet fuel technology is easier to achieve large-scale production and use, and materials can be easily obtained from wood waste, flake forest, and other wood production.

  • Technical support: The equipment for producing wood pellets is reliable in quality and mature in technology.

Major pellet machine manufacturers have made breakthrough progress in quality, production efficiency, safety and reliability through technological innovation, material improvement and other measures.

The adaptability of the pellet mill machine to raw materials is becoming wider and wider, the operation and maintenance are more convenient, the degree of automation has also been improved, and the human resources are saved. The most important thing is that the price is relatively moderate!

  • Wide range of uses: power generation, heating, bathing, cooking, vegetable greenhouse heating, etc.

The utilization of wood pellets in countries all over the world is rapidly developing, and power generation equipment and other stoves using pellet fuel as raw materials have been developed and produced one after another. Wood pellets can be used for power generation, heating, bathing, cooking, and vegetable greenhouse heating, etc., which involve all aspects of our daily life.

Perhaps most investors do not know much about the current wood pellet machine equipment, but such equipment has begun to play a very important role. ABC Machinery is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of wood pellet machines, organic fertilizer pellet machines and biomass pellet machines. It has won many honors with its exquisite craftsmanship and advanced technology. If you are interested in establishing your own small wood pellet mill to start investment business, do not hesitate to contact us, we will customize a suitable processing plan for you free of charge according to your processing needs.

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