From Horse Stable Wastes to Biomass Pellets

Fuel pellets are one of the most economical and environmentally friendly forms of heat that you can utilize. If you use the right manure mixture and a quality pelletizing machine, horse manure and bedding waste are also efficient materials that you can use and turn it into a successful and profitable fuel pellets. Another brilliant alternative is the chicken manure waste. The common materials used as bedding waste and usually placed at the base include the hay shavings, straw, and even the wood pellets.

make fuel pellets from horse manure and bedding / barn wastes
Processed From Horse Manure into Biomass Fuel Pellets

Horses produce eight piles of manure per day, about 50 pounds per day. This means that a horse produces about nine tons of manure per year. Therefore, sufficient horse manure and waste can be used to make biomass fuel pellets, which is the lowest cost environmentally friendly energy source besides coal.Therefore, investing in the biomass fuel pellet machine industry can not only make rational use of horse manure and waste, but also obtain good profits at a lower cost. If you also have the idea of participating in a biomass pellet project or want to open a biomass pellet processing plants, but don’t know how to start, you can consult ABC Machinery, and we will provide you with an operation plan suitable for your project.

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Pelletizing Horse Bedding Wastes and Manure

As a matter of fact, pellets made from horse manure or bedding wastes are not smelly. Since the wastes are dried first, the urine smell is gone. In addition, the heat during the pelletizing process encapsulates the pellet. So they actually smell like wood pellets when burning. It's amazing, but it's true. (Related News: Organic Fertilizer Pellet Machine Exported to Mexico)

pelletizing horse bedding wastes and horse manure for burning uses

Manure Fuel Pellets Production Process

ABC Machinery can offer the best horse manure pelletizing solutions for both small and large production. We are also experienced in turnkey business plans for industrial pellet production.Welcome to contact us by clicking the inquiry button below!

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How to Make Fuel Pellets from Horse Manure & Bedding Wastes

The process of preparing to make the fuel pellets using horse manure and horse stable waste materials starts by drying the mixture to at least 15 % and below from around 40% at disposal. A suitable drying system is very efficient for drying the mixture materials. The drying machine generally uses Bio Burner to produce hot water which is an effective drying component. The mixture passes through two augers and at the end of the first one there is a hammer mill that lowers the sizes of the mixture particles. At the end of the second auger, the mixture runs through the fine hammer which completely dries it and makes it ready for the final process in the biomass pelletizing machine. The two augers are also fitted with screens, and they are large.

horse manure drying processing machine before pelleting

Poultry / Livestock Manure Drying Production Machine - Preprocessing of Large Manure Pelletizing Plant

Drying up is vital because using the wet mixture will most likely block the hammer mill and derail the process. Dry and small-sized particles of the horse manure and bedding waste can then be easily compressed to produce pellets of between 6mm to 8 mm. Besides excellent energy output and efficiency, horse manure pellets also produce low fuel emissions and ash as well as high BTU. Before disposing of the horse manure, think of this highly effective opportunity to turn it into renewable energy and be on the forefront to save on the energy costs while conserving the environment.

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Advantages of Processing Horse Manure into Biomass Pellet Fuel

Biomass pellet fuel is produced from horse manure and other waste through biomass machines such as wood pellet machines or straw briquetting machines. If you want to briefly summarize its advantages, it is "environmental protection and energy saving."

horse manure pellet maker
Horse Manure Pellet Maker 

  • Regeneration advantages of biomass pellets

Biomass pellet fuel processed by Arima manure is different from the non-renewability of traditional fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. It is a renewable energy source.

  • Environmental advantages of biomass pellet fuel

The diameter of biomass pellet fuel processed from horse manure and other raw materials is generally 8-10 mm, the length is 4 to 5 times its diameter, the crushing rate is less than 1.5% to 2.0%, and the dry basis water content is less than 10% to 15 %, the ash content is less than 1.5%, the sulfur content and nitrogen content are both less than 0.07%, and the carbon content is less than 0.5%. The environmentally friendly emissions of biomass pellet fuel meet the emission standards of gas-fired boilers.

  • The cost advantage of biomass pellet fuel

Biomass pellet fuel uses various wastes such as horse manure. After being processed by biomass pellets, it not only solves the environmental pollution of wastes, but also replaces coal for combustion in boilers. In the biomass pellet fuel dedicated combustion equipment, the fuel utilization rate is equivalent to that of coal, which is one-third of the cost of a gas-fired oil-fired boiler and one-fourth of the cost of an electric boiler. In terms of replacing high-cost energy sources such as gas, biomass pellet fuel has inherent advantages.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Nowadays, the biomass fuel pellet machine industry is developing rapidly, and the application of biomass fuel is being vigorously promoted all over the world. Many people have seen the advantages brought by biomass fuel, and investors are rushing to invest in biomass fuel production. In the project, the biomass pellet machine industry is a stable industry, if you want to invest in a complete biomass fuel production line, please feel free to contact us!

  • Horse Manure Can Also be Used as Fertilizer

Horse manure is rich in organic matter and various nutrient elements needed by crops. It has a good effect on increasing crop yield and improving soil fertility. The horse manure has a coarser texture, which can effectively improve the properties of clay, and horse manure can also be used. Fermented in a biogas digester. When the horse manure is fermented into organic fertilizer, it is necessary to mix the fermentation agent, adjust the carbon to nitrogen ratio, adjust the water content of the horse manure, build a pile of horse manure, mix well and ventilate the horse manure.
Guidelines for Using Animal Manures and Manure-Based Composts in the Garden [fact sheet]
Manure Type Amount of manure needed to provide 1 lb Nitrogen (N) : Phosphorus (P) content : Potassium (K) content :
Horse 800 Ibs 2.4 Ibs 4.5 Ibs
Cow 650 Ibs 2 Ibs 2.5 Ibs
Poultry (layers) 170-300 Ibs 4-7 Ibs 0.6-1.0 Ibs
Composted Dairy Manure 1300 Ibs 7 Ibs 16 Ibs


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