Organic Fertilizer Pellet Machine Exported to Mexico

1 set of KMPM 250 Fertilizer Pellet Machine has been ordered by a new client residing in Mexico to make organic fertilizer. The raw materials are meat, bone meal, chicken manure, bat guano, shrimp meal. He also ordered 1 set of 5mm pellet die and a pair of a roller with the organic fertilizer pellet making machine. The small pellet machine of ring die type costs approximately $6000. The exact price depends specifically on the purpose of the equipment. 

Quality Inspection of The Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine

The below photos are taken durying the quality inspection of the goods before shipping to our client in Maxico.

organic fertilizer pellet machine for sale at factory price
Ring Die Pellet Mill for Making Organic Fertilizer

Model Power of Main Motor Capacity(t/h) Inner Diameter of Ring Die(mm) Power of Feeder(kw) Power of Conditioner(kw) Size(mm) Weight(kg)
KMPM25 22kw 1~2 250 0.75 1.1 1750×650×1750 800
KMPM32 22kw×2 2~5 320 0.75 2.2 1900×1800×1650 2000
KMPM35 30kw×2 3~7 350 0.75 2.2 2100×2000×1850 2400
KMPM42 45kw×2 4~10 400 1.5 4 2200×2000×2150 2900
KMPM45 55kw×2 6~15 450 1.5 4 2300×2350×2150 3500

pellet die and roller assembly set for fertilizer pelletizer machine
Ring Die & Press Roller Assembly Set

organic fertilizer pellet making machine packing details
Other Packing Details

Organic fertilizer pellet machine is used to make organic fertilizer granules from organic materials like animal waste, dung, manure, etc. If you are interested in buying organic fertilizer pellet machine or you have a query regarding it, then you should contact us. 

Benefits of our Organic Fertilizer Pellet Machine

The fertilizer pellet making machine manufactured by us can be used to make high-quality fertilizer pellets from a varied range of materials like bone meal, meat, and chicken manure. It will help you a lot in starting your own fertilizer pelletizing business. You just need to tell us your cost budget, requirements regarding capacity, raw materials used by you and our professionals will assist you in getting the most suitable equipment for you. We will help you to get customized solutions for your fertilizer pellet production. 

Feel free to contact us if you want more information regarding organic fertilizer pellet machine. We are eagerly waiting to help you!

manufacturing organic fertilizer pellets from manure, meat and bone meal
Manufactured Organic Fertilizer Pellets

Why Fertilizer Pellets?

Fertilizer pellets provide a natural source of important nutrients in order to enhance the growth of plants in a vigorous manner. It will also increase the yield and flowering rate. The organic pellets are completely natural and do not contain any type of synthetic ingredient. It will not harm ground water or sensitive ecosystem. This organic plant food will enrich and build up the soil and benefit the soil biosphere. 

Organic fertilizer pellet machine will produce fertilizer pellets which have a large number of nutrients that will lead to green, strong and robust root and shoot system of fruits and flowers.

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