150kg/h Small Floating Fish Feed Production Line to Bolivia

Adv‚Äčantages of Floating Fish Feed
In terms of breeding methods, floating fish feed has a wide range of applicability. It is suitbale for fishery, pond farming, rice field farming, flowing water farming, cage farming, factory farming, and large surface intensive farming and so on.

In terms of breeding species, both freshwater fish and seawater fish can efficiently get the floating feed, such as fish, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, conventional fish or other famous and excellent species. (Read more: Fish Feed Mill Plant Cost >>)

fish feed production machine for sales
Fish Feed Production Machine at Factory Price

150KGS/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line Exported to Bolivia

Below is the main picture of equipment inspection of a complete set of floating fish feed production line that was ready to export to Bolivia. (See more: Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine >>)

floating fish feed production plant factory
Fish Feed Production Machine Factory
fish feed production equipment
Small Floating Fish Feed Processing Equipment Loading
fish feed production line to Bolivia
Small Fish Feed Production Line for Sales
small fish feed production line for sales
Complete Set of Floating Fish Production Line


Main Specifications of 150KGS/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line

small fish feed production machine layout
Equipment Layout of Small Floating Fish Feed Production Line

  • Capacity: 150kg per hour
  • Raw Materials: Rice straw meal, soybean oil cake, peanut oil cake, corn gluten meal, rice bran, wheat bran, Locust leaf meal, etc.
  • Usage: Making fish feed for fishery
  • Fish Feed Production Process: Crushing → Mixing  → Extruding → Drying → Seasoning
  • Production Machines: Crusher → Bag Filter and Silo → Mixer → Pellet Extruder → Pneumatic Conveyor → Mesh Belt Dryer → Actagon Spray Hanging Machine

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Features of Buying Floating Fish Feed Production Line

  • Wide Usage: It not only can make floating fish feed pellets for fish, crabs, shrimp, but also can make food for pets.

  • Continuous Production: Its scientific design and stable performance ensure continuous production
  • Various Die Moulds Available: It can be used to make different size of feed by replacing the die moulds.
  • High Quality Feed: With the conditioner design, raw materials can be cooked, so the final produced feed is of high quality. At the same time, it can ensure smooth feed production.
  • Easy Operation and Small Size: The whole set of fish feed manufacturing machines can be easily operated and it takes small space. 


Why Choose ABC Machinery as Floating Fish Feed Production Line Supplier

ABC Machinery has been engaged in pelletizing industry for at least 30 years and is China top pelletizing machine manufacturer. With the increasing demand of animal feed pellet, we have developed and designed high efficiently animal feed pellet machine, both small scale and large scale. 

fish feed production line supplier
Complete Fish Feed Production Line Supplier - ABC Machinery

  • Customized solutions and one-to-one personalized service
  • High quality and fast after-sales service
  • Provide on-site training to the relevant personnel on equipment operation and regular maintenance.
  • Make regular after-sale visits to customers to help you solve related problems encountered in the use of equipment.
  • Provide high quality and low price spare parts, and provide equipment upgrade and new product development support.

We are professional in feed pellet manufacturing, if you have need for fish feed production line, just contact us and tell us your needs, and we will recommend you the most suitable equipment and offer the best price!

BEST Floating Fish Feed Production Line Supplier

In the past years, our fish feed production machines have been exported to many areas, including Ecuador, United States, Ghana, etc. We are very happy to share the project report with you, welcome to contact us to get the project cost, equipment specifications, and more. 

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