Start Your Own Flour Milling Business with a Small Flour Mill Machine

Making flour is very important within the food industry given the popularity of flour as a food source and the development of advanced small flour milling machine is set to revolutionize the flour-making industry. While they might have to handle smaller amounts of grain at a time, they are very efficient. The promoting of flour mill project on smaller scales can be a major addition to the flour industry at large. 

flour uses in daily life
Flour Uses

How the Small Flour Milling Machine Works?

The small flour milling machine has all the essential parts of that of their bigger brothers which include rollers, grinders and graders. While a small flour milling equipment is quite different from the rest of the industry it still needs to be able to perform the four core functions of any milling machine which are to remove dirt effectively, grind cereals, peeling as well as to mix ingredients before being able to sufficiently package the flour that has been produced. These Four Milling Process are crucial and if anyone is not up to scratch, then the entire making process falls flat. 

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Small Flour Milling Machine at Low Cost

  • Dirt Removing

Removing the dirt is the first port of call as soil, sand and types of stones are removed from the cereals before moving onto the grounding process. By the time the cereal is grounded, it is too late for the dirt to be removed so it is important that this is done effectively at the start of the process.

  • Peeling

Peeling is the next stage of the process whereby the cereal is peeled to ensure that there is no germs, black hilum and root on the corn that is about to be grounded. The peeling process also includes sorting the corn which is vital in the quest to establish a fine grain.   

  • Ginding

The cereals are then grounded into different sizes using flour grinding machine based on a predetermined preference. Sieves come into this process as well as vibrating and horizontal sieves assist with the process of getting the flour to be a specific grade. Once the grinding process has taken place, Ingredients can be mixed together to formulate different qualities of flour which can improve the quality of the product substantially.

  • Packing

Finally, the flour milling machine or at least the latest models have the ability to package the final product which is just another way that these machines are streamlining the process.   

Business Use Small Flour Milling Machine for Sales

A small flour milling machine is a lot more practical than its larger counterparts and can produce amounts of between 10tpd ~ 20tpd of flour whilst running on just 300V. The energy efficiency is a major advantages. In addition, it can be used for the milling of various raw materials, including maize, wheat, coffee, cocoa, sorgnum and more. It is absolutely the BEST choice for small scale flour business use.

small flour milling machine business applications
Small Flour Milling Machine Applications

Because it is smaller, it also requires a minimal amount of staff or labour to operate which is another great way of reducing your production costs when making flour. So the reality is, flour making used to be a major industry only done on a large scale that was unachievable by individuals, but this is fast changing. The development of these small flour milling machines means that with a much smaller investment than was needed before, you can quickly be producing industry standard flour and becoming part of the industry itself. (Read more about Flour Mill Project Cost >>)

small flour milling machine installation
Small Flour Milling Machine Installation

These machines are not only making it cheaper to produce flour but also much more convenient given the lack of labour required. They are much more convenient because they can support the grinding of multiple types of grain which can greatly diversify the type of flour you are producing and the energy efficiency means that you no longer have to worry about high energy costs if you want to become part of the milling industry. 

When you are looking at buying your machine, the important aspects to look at are the power capacity, cost as well as the source of power which can include electrical motor, fuel engine and manual. This means that you can purchase the option which best suits your needs or the means you have at your disposal. Acquiring a small flour milling machine could prove to be an excellent investment. You can produce flour on a small scale at cheaper rates than buying it from the shops and by forming relationships with local users, can soon formulate a thriving industry within your local community that is profitable while not too intensive. It will inevitably take some time, but with the small flour milling machine, you could be producing your own flour in no time!

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