1 TPH Wood Pelleting Plant Set Up in Italy

Project Name: Complete Wood Pelleting Plant in Italy
Country: Set up in Italy
Project Output: Make 1~1.2 ton wood pellets per hour
Raw Material: Pine Wood, Spruce Wood, Douglas and Beech (mixed materials)
Wood Pelletizing Process: Log cutting, debarking, splitting, wood chipping, crushing, drying, pelleting (bpm420 ring die pellet mill), pellets cooling, weighting and bagging.

Details of the Wood Pelleting Plant for Sale

This is a small complete wood pelleting plant set up in Italy. It is designed with fully automatic raw materials feeding and drying system. The drying furnace adopts Circulating feeding method, which can largely reduce manual work. View the following photos took during the project construction and commissioning to know more about the project. (Related Project: 2~3 t/h Wood Pelletizing Plant built in Italy)

wood pelleting process of the small sized complete wood pellets plant
Wood Pelleting Plant in Construction
final pellets cooling and packing equipment of the pellet plant
Pellet Plant Inside

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wood log storaged for the pelleting project
Raw Wood for Pellet Production
wood log pretreatment equipment, debarking and crushing
Wood Log Pretreatment Part
wood pelleting plant drying section
Drying Process
wood pelleting production plant layout design
Drying Process
wood pellets cooling and bagging equipment included in the plant
Pellet Cooler and Packing Machine
wood pellets storage bin under construction
Wood Pellets Storage Bin
manufactured wood pellets out of cooling machine
Wood Pellets out of Cooling Machine
produced wood pellets in bags after packing
Packed Pellets in Bag

The client use several different kinds of woods for the pellet production, including pine, spruce, Douglas, beech. The production capacity is required to be 1~1.2 ton per hour. BPM 420 ring die pellet mill is adopted as the main pelletizing equipment.

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Detailed Wood Pelleting Plant Process

  • The logs are firstly cut to about 1 meter in length.
  • Then, the short wood log will be sent to the debarking machine.
  • After debarking, splitting machine is used to cut the wood in four pieces.
  • With a wood chipper, the large wood block will be cut into small wood chips and stored tin wood chip bin temporarily.
  • Then, wood chips will be sent to crushing machine or hammer mill and be processed into sawdust.
  • The sawdust will then go through drying process in drum dryer.
  • After drying, the sawdust will be sent to the ring die pellet machine.
  • The wood pellets are very hot when coming out of the pellet machine, a pellet cooler is used for cool the pellets to room temperature.
  • This wood pellet plant is equipped with automatically weighting and packing equipment, along with heat sealing machine. The final wood pellets are packed in bags and then stored for sale.
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