YZS-80A Integrated Oil Press Machine

small integrated oil press machine available for cold oil pressing
Model: YZS-80A Integrated Oil Press Machine
Capacity: 2-3T/24H
Power: 4KW
Weight: 780KG
Package Dimensions: 1860x670x1680mm /1060*590*600mm
YZS-80A small oil press machine is one of the most efficient cold oil press machine developed newly. The main structure of YZS-80A includes a motor, two vacuum filters with oil sight glass, a heater and a electrical control cabinet. With advanced automatic oil-cleaning and temperature rising system, YZS-80A small oil press machine can act as a cold oil press machine and a hot oil press machine, which will greatly expand the scope of pressed seeds.

Details of YZS-80A Integrated Oil Press Machine

This integrated oil press machine is mainly composed of raw material feeder, pressing cage, vacuum filters and electrical control cabinet.

parts of small cold oil press machine

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Advantages of YZS-80A Small Oil Press Machine

  1. Ideal integrated oil press is suitable for small-scale oil mill
  2. Low investment, less maintenance, high oil yield rate ensure high profit of oil making business
  3. Can be easily switched as cold oil press machine
  4. Reliable quality and professional supplier for longer working performance
small integrated vegetable seeds oil press machine at factory price

Although it is simple and compact in design, YZS-80A has superior oil making ability. It can extract oil from a very wide range of oil seeds, including coconut, grape seeds, peanut, walnut, and more. (see more details and parameter about other Small Oil Press Machine )

  • Specific Parameter of YZS Series Integrated Oil Press Machine

  • Model Power(KW) Capacity(KG/H) Dimension(MM) Weight(KG) Vacuum Pump(L)


    Integrated Oil Press Machine

    1.5 15 900*900*1100 156 4


    Integrated Oil Press Machine

    2.2 30 600*650*880 210 4


    Integrated Oil Press Machine

    4 30 1000*1000*1250 256 4


Capacity(T/24H) Power(KW) Dimensions(MM) Weight(KG)


Integrated Oil Press Machine

2-3 5.5+0.75 1860*670*1680 780


Integrated Oil Press Machine

5 7.5+1.5 2250*890*1820 900


Integrated Oil Press Machine

5 7.5+1.1 2270*750*1820 900


Integrated Oil Press Machine

6 15+1.1 2280*890*1775 1000


Integrated Oil Press Machine

10 18.5+1.5 2350*810*2000 1000

What is Cold Pressing?

Cold pressing is a term that used to describe the process of mechanical oil separation from the seed only through the application of pressure. There is no need of the addition of heat and chemicals. The most favorable aspect of cold oil press machine is that it utilizes the cold pressing methods to maintain the natural structure of the oil itself and further maintain the natural nutrients and characteristics.

  • I need a cold press oil extractor that can handle green coffee beans.
  • Thanks for your enquiry to our products. As for your request, pls advise how much coffee beans do you want to process per day… Besides, what's the oil content in the seed, do you have relevant index about the composition..
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