Fiber / Flock Cutting Machine

flock yarn fiber cutting technology
Flock / Yarn / Fiber Materials for Cutting

Flock cutting machine is also known as yarn cutter or fiber cutting equipment. Our flock cutting machine is designe for cutting high-impact specialty fiber such as metallic yarn, fiberglass, carbon fiber, vinylon, poly-acrylic fiber, terylene, nylon.

Which Materials Can be Cut by the Flock Cutting Machine?

  • Chenille Products/Article
  • Construction Engineering Fiber
  • Textiles
  • Silver prints and rubber etc.

Flock Cutting Machine for Sale

fiber yarn flock cutting machine for sale

Flock Cutter for Processing Various Fiber / Yarn

Main Parameters of the Flock Cutting Machinery

Model GC-02 GC-03
Capacity 120-150kg/h 50-80kg/h
Motor Power 3kw 2.2kw
Cutting Width 250mm 120mm
Cutting Length (adjustable) 0.2-8mm 0.2-5mm
Cutting Thickness 10-50mm 5-45mm
Length Accuracy Less than 5% to 10%
Cutting Rotating Speed 0-260r/min Fast: 260r/min
Slow: 180r/min
Weight 980kg 950kg
Machine Size 1200*850*1550mm 1200*700*1400mm
Working Airpressure 0.8mpa 0.8mpa

Flock Cutting Project Plan

cheap flock cutting equipment
Flock Cutting Factory
flcok cutting factory project plan
Yarn / Fiber / Flock Cutting Plant

The above photos are two flock cutting factory we have built for our clients for your reference. If you are interested to get more more information of these projects and cost details, feel free to contact us!

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Advantages of Our Fiber Cutting Machine

yarn cutting equipment for sale
Internal Details
flock cutting machinery factory price
Flock Cutter Details
flock cutter
Discharge Port
flock cutting machine manufacuter
Other Details
  • The design of our flock cutting equipment has invention patent.
  • The feeding width is wide and adjustable.
  • Interval synchronization processing flow (feeding, compressing, cutting)
  • High standard of safety for operation and maintenance.
  • Stepless frequency conversion timing.
  • Highest cutting quality (wet cutting system design)
  • Easy to change knife, minimum down times.
  • Continuous sharpening of knife.
  • Compact structure design, small footprint.

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