Russian Client Visited Our Factory for Lentil Peeling Machine

Lately, Russian Client came visit our Factory and watched the test running of the lentil peeling / dehulling machine. The client brought 20 kg Lens Culinaris from Russia. The peeling rate of the test-run reached up to 95%. Our clients are very satisfied with the result. View the photos below to know more about the equipment for lentil processing.

lentil peeling machine working process
Test-run of Lentil Processing

lentil processing equipment - peeling or dehulling of lentil seeds
Preparation for the Seeds Huller Test Run

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lentil seeds after peeling or dehulling
Final Products: Peeled / Hulled Lentil

lentile skin, peels, hulls
Removed Lentil Skin / Hulls

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