3TPH Complete Wood Pellet Plant in Serbia

Project Name: Complete Wood Pellet Plant
Plant Location: Vlasotince, Serbia
Production Output: Make 2-3 ton wood pellets per hour.
Raw Materials: Logs
Included Equipment: Wood Splitter, wood chipper, hammer mill, sieving machine, drum dryer, stove, 2 sets of BPM420 pellet mill, pellets cooling machine and packer.

It is in beautiful Vlasotince, Serbia where the project located. The city is featured of rich forest resource. The photos of the pellet plant are listed below for your reference. For more info such as detailed equipment list, factory layout, and project cost, welcome send us an inquire!

workshop of the complete wood pellet plant
Workshop of the Project
wood logs to be processed in the wood pellets plant
pellet plant preprocessing equipment
Crushinga and Drying Section
saw dust after crushing, ready for pelletizing process
Saw Dust after Crushing and Drying
wood pellets machine included in the pellet plant for sale
Pelletizing and Colling Section
complete wood pellet production plant for sale at low price
Pellet Mill Commissioning
pellets cooling and packaging machinery of the pellet plant
Pellets Cooler and Packer
produced wood pellets
Produced Wood Pellets

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Since wood pellets fuel are green, renewable biomass energy, wood pellet production enjoys national policy subsidy in many countries. So it is exactly a profitable and promising project item to invest in. ABC Machinery is your reliable guidance and can provide you free consultation, help you start and promote your wood pellets manufacturing business.
With the demand for biomass pellets ever increasing, many people have entered into this industry with the hope of making some profits. This has resulted in increase in biomass pellets production, but one of the most commonly asked question which is unknown to most is, how much wood pellets can you produce from a ton of raw materials? The following are 3 key factors that can affect the production output.

  • The cleanliness of your biomass materials;
  • The moisture content of your biomass material;
  • The quality of wood pellet mill you choose;
If you are planning for setting up a pilot production of biofuel pellets, our mini pellet plant maybe what you will be interested in – MPL Series Movable Pelletizing Unit.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for customized complete wood pellet plant for sale, welcome contact us and get more details of our equipment and pelletizing solution.
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