2TPH Napier Grass Pellet Production Line in Philippines

napier grass biomass pellet production line built for small factory
Napier Grass Processing Line in Construction

Project Name: Complete Biomass Pellet Production Line
Plant Location: The Philippines
Size of the Plant: 4800*2000*700mm
Raw Material: Napier Grass

It is also capable of processing bushes of bulrush, wheat straw, barley and pea straw, king grass…


1. Produce Shredded grass for chicken coop bedding;
2. Biomass Fuel Pellets

Production Capacity:

1. Produce 1000 tons of chicken bedding per month, that is about 4.8 tons per hour (time of production: 26 days a month, 8 hours a day).
2. Produce 500~700kg biomass pellets per hour.

Biomass Pellet Production Line Cost: Inquire for the detailed equipment price and project cost now!

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Napier Grass is also known as elephant grass. 10mm~30mm in diameter, 2m~4m in height, moisture content between 69% and 72%. Due to advanced farming techniques, the elephant grass can grow up to 4m in just 4 mouths.

Napier Grass Biomass Pellet Production Project Design

This complete biomass pellet production line was designed for processing Napier Grass. It was built for one of our old client – an investor from Japanese. He have bought a small unit of pellet press (ZLSP200B) in October 2016 and set up a small scale trail production line with some other simple pretreatment equipment including sugar cane extruder, disc crusher and hammer mill. The pelletizing result was quite satisfied. Therefore, he decided to make this order and let us help his build a complete plant of Napier Grass pelletizing. (Related Project: 2~3TPH Wood Pelletizing Plant Set Up in Italy)

napier grass plantation
Napier Grass Plantation of Our Client
elephant grass details - field study
Project Manager Field Study

It is his first complete processing line of Napier grass. Using pretreatment similar with cane mill which is very famous in project location Negeros Philippine.

harvest napier grass
Harvested Napier Grass
energy grass chopper / chopping machine
Grass Chopper
sundry field for the grass pellet production plant
Sun Dry Field
fresh napier grass and dried grass
Before Dry (left), After Dry (right)
biomass grinding and drying process equipment
Crushing and Drying Section
placing of elephant grass pellet mill included in the line
Placing of Pellet Machine
napier grass pellet mill for large scale production plant
Pellets Manufacturing Section
biomass grass pellet machine in full scale production line
Conveyor between Pellet Mill and Pellet Cooler
biomass pellets cooling process and equipment
Pelletizing and Pellets Cooling Section
grass biomass pellet production line low cost solution
Factory Over View (under construction)
produced napier grass biomass pellets
Produced Napier Grass Fuel Pellets

Napier Grass Pellet Production Process

After harvesting, the grass will be dried up. Then pass through high effective hammer mill and rotary drying system. After that, all the raw materials will be fed into ring die pellet machine use special design feeding device to ensure this kind of light material can feed into pellet machine easily. After pelletizing, all the extruded pellets will be weighted and packaged into jumbo bags, ready for leading into container or truck for local biomass power plant.

napier grass pellet production line layout design
Production Line Layout Designed for this Project

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Detailed Napier Grass Processing and Pelletizing Process Design

  • Harvesting: The harvested elephant grass is 30 mm in diameter and 4 meters in length with about 70% water content.
  • Washing: After washing, the grass will be sent to water squeezing machine to get rid of dirt and worm, so that to make the animal bedding cleaner.
  • Squeezing: After squeezing the water, the moisture content will reduced to 30%. They are turned into small blocks, about 3~5mm in width and 5~8mm in thickness.
  • Crushing: Then the grass will be cut into small pieces by using hay cutter or chipper. The size should be less than 5cm.
  • Drying: In drying process, the moisture content should be reduced to around 15%. The drying production output is 5.3~5.5 tons per hour.
  • Distribution: After drying, 4.8 tons are used for chicken bedding; 0.5~0.7 tons are to for biomass pellet production line.
  • Temporary storage bin: The grass for pelletizing process are temporarily stored in a 20-foot container.
  • Pelletizing and Cooling
  • Bagging: This plant is equipped with simple weighting (LCS-MT) and bagging equipment.
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