Choose Right Pellet Making Machine for Sawdust Pelletizinig

Sawdust, is the powdered wood chips of trees that are scattered from the tree during wood processing because of the sawing process. It is the main raw material for making burning biomass pellets. Here, we mainly introduce biomass pellet machine that can turn sawdust into biomass pellets since more and more customers are interested in buying a pelletizer machine to make biomass pellets for self-use or commercial purpose from sawdust. (Project Report: 2TPH Sawdust Pellet Pellet Plant in Slovakia >>)

buy pellet machine start sawdust pellet making business
Buy Pellet Mill to Start Sawdust Pellet Making Business

Mini/Small Sawdust Pelletizer Machine Types

Small sawdust pelletizer machine is designed with compact and simple appearance. It belongs to flat die pellet mill. The diameter of feed opening is large and the flat die moving die design is suitable for making wood pellets. It achieves dry feedstock in and dry pellets out. Through the extrusion between the pressure roller and the die plate, it can reach the temperature of 80°C during sawdust pellets production process and the produced sawdust pellets has smooth and even surface and certain hardness. 

ABC Machinery offers five types of small sawdust pelletizer machine for different needs, the production output ranges from 50kg/h~800kg/h, which is the ideal pellet machine for homemade, farm or small business use. We also can provide customized service for your detailed requirements. See our customized green sawdust pellet mill machine for Thailand's customer. If you are interested in buying a mini or small scale pelletizer machine to make wood pellets from sawdust, we are absolutely your best choices. Welcome to contact us to get free price list and catologue. 

small sawdust pelletizer machine for sales
Sawdust Pelletizer Machine for Sales

Different apertures and compression ratios can be selected according to different needs to obtain the best technical and economic benefits. And, we have different power supply to meet different needs, including electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine, pto. 

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Mini/Small Pelletizer Machine for Sawdust Pellets Making at Factory Price

Commercial Sawdust Pelletizer Machine at Factory Price

For business purpose or industrial use, ring die pellet machine is more suitable for sawdust pellets manufacturing. It has large capacity. As the leading biomass pellet machine manufacturer, we have two types of large scale sawdust pelletizer machine, one is common wood pellet making machine, the other is vertical pelletizer machine. Both are best choose for complete sawdust pellet plant. If you are interested in setting up sawdust pelletizing factory project, just contact us to get detailed project cost and equipment list.

sawdust pellet making machine at factory price
Common Ring Die Pellet Mill & Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill

Premium Quality Industrial Sawdust Pellets Making Machine for Sales

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Turnkey Sawdust Pellets Making Plant Project

ABC Machinery has helped many clients to setup their own biomass wood pellet plant projects around the world. We have rich practical factory design and onsite installation experiences, which can’t find out in the market. (Read more: Wood Processing Business Plan >>)

smallest capacity sawdust pellet making plant at low cost
Factory Price for Smallest Sawdust Pellet Mill Plant
large scale pellet mill plant for sawdust pellets making
Large Sawdust Pellet Making Plant at Low Cost


  • Mini Sawdust Pellet Mill Plant: 300~600KG/H - designed for small scale pellet making business
  • Complete Sawdust Pellet Mill Plant: 1~40TON/H - designed for medium, large scale sawdust pellet making business

how to start your own production line with best business plan

We can provide FREE technical guidances to support your wood pellet making business. If you are interested in our sawdust pellet making machines or sawdust pellet plant project, just send us detailed needs, then we will offer quotation soon. Or we also provide raw material testing. Any questions about wood sawdust pellet making, just contact us any time!

Difference between Flat Die Pellet and Ring Die Pellet

  • Feeding Method: The Ring Die Pellet  adopts mechanical forced feeding, high-speed rotation and centrifugal distribution into the pellet chamber, and the material is distributed by the scraper, and the feeding is uneven; The Flat Die Pellet enters the pressing chamber vertically by the weight of the material itself, and can feed the material evenly.
  • Pressure: In a mold with the same diameter, the diameter of the ring die pressing wheel is limited by the diameter of the ring die, so the pressure is limited; the diameter of the flat die pressing wheel is not limited by the diameter of the die, which can increase the space for the built-in bearing , Use large bearings to enhance the bearing capacity of the pressure roller, which not only improves the pressing force of the pressure roller, but also prolongs the service life.
  • Discharging Method: The ring die belongs to high speed, and the breakage rate is high when the material is discharged; while the flat die belongs to low speed, and the breakage rate is low.
  • Pressure Wheel Adjustment Method: The Ring Die Pellet uses two screws on the eccentric wheel in the middle of the pressure wheel to adjust the pressure; The Flat Die Pellet adopts the central adjustment mechanism of the screw thread, with a jacking force of 100 tons, stable falling, soft touch and uniform pressure. There are two ways of rotating manual and hydraulic automatic adjustment.
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