2 Ton Biomass Briquette Plant Shipping to Lebanon

Not long ago, A 2 ton/h biomass briquette plant was ordered by one of our Middle East customer in Lebanon with all solid energy briquetting equipment. It was a complete and automatic biomass briquette plant for processing wood wastes with 70% pine wood from coming from furniture wood workshop. Main equipment included are Drying machinery, Rotary Sieve, Wood cutting machine, Screening machine with a belt conveyor. He was already having one screw briquetting machine bought from us last year. The average briquette plant cost is $60000 which will vary according to configuration demand of customer.

biomass briquette plant project design and factory layout
Bio Fuel Briquette Plant Design and Layout

Biomass Briquette Plant Machinery Delivery

The following equipment photos are taken before the shippment of the full briquetting plant. As an experienced briquette plant manufacturer, ABC Machinery can provide you quotation in detail according to your requirements related to raw materials, budget and capacity requirements. Feel free to contact us if you are interested to know more about this large scale briquetting plant. We all will be happy to serve you.

biomass briquette plant for large scale energy briquetting production
Wood Fuel Briquette Machine

wood crushing machine for industrial scale biomass briquetting line
Wood Crushing Machine

sawdust screening machine for biomass energy processing production
Sawdust Screening Machine

rotary dryer equipment for 2 ton per hour biofuel briquette plant
Rotary Dryer Equipment

fuel briquette production machine delivery to Lebanon
Fuel Briquette Production Equipments Delivery

Due to lack of experience in handling machinery of biomass briquette plant he was not getting the desirable results specially in terms of quality. He was using sawdust as a raw material but was unable to do proper pressure and temperature settings that led to loosen sawdust with temperature less then needed. So to help himself out he asked help from our engineers through a e-mail and our engineers helped him immediately resulting him to produce high quality briquettes. Now after having satisfaction with both product and customer service he is ready to buy another 2 ton wood briquetting plant and have ordered already.

saw dust briquette manufacturing
Final Saw Dust Briquettes

Market of Biomass Briquette Production

Biomass fuel briquette plant is contributing in reduction of emission Green house gases throughout in Lebanon. It is a solution to global problem of climate change as it helps to produce energy, fuel and electricity from sources other then conventional ones like hydrocarbons. All kind of solid waste of organic category like rice husk, kitchen waste, wastage from agriculture etc can be converted into fuel. Fuels generated by these plants have high calorific value with low pollution. Developing world is getting attracted to these plants due to their contribution in combating Global Warming.

Contact us today to see the cost of setting up a briquette factory and char plant and get  more details of this biomass manufacturing project.

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