FAQs in the process of biomass briquetting

Below is some frequently asked questions about screw briquetting machine in the process of biomass briquetting:

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  • Screw doesn’t eat raw material and turn back?
Answer: this kind of phenomenon is because screw welding angle is not correct. This angle can not adapt to the raw materials needed. To fixed screw Angle, make spiral head wear thin, increase spiral thrust. The second reason may be as wood not dry enough, drying them once again.
  • Density was not up to standard, a touch will make the charcoal broke off?
Answer: This kind of phenomenon mainly because screw angle is too oblique, screw head had welding too thick. Make the spiral angle wear away; make head thinner can improve the density. If raw materials have high water content and a large inner dimension of the model, screw spiral part less than 365 mm will also cause a low density.
  • What shall we do if the charcoal cracks?
Answer: the great significant rift mainly has three reasons: A, screw Angle welding is wrong, fixed screw head Angle. B, inside model abrades too big, correction or exchanges this model. C, the ratio of raw materials is not correct; the material composition include too much oil. You should dry the material again.
  • What shall we do if there is great noise and material bomb?
Answer: normally, bomb is because water content too high and more than 10% in the wood. You have better dry this raw material again.
  • What is the reason for machine stopped after extrude out dozens of stick?
Answer: this kind of phenomenon is humid raw materials and low heating temperature. If the humid of materials is too high, increased the heating temperature to 350 degrees or above and try again.        
  • What shall we do if the extrude charcoal is not continuous stick?
Answer: this kind of phenomenon is caused by raw materials problems. In the raw materials, the pines, cedar wood, wood of teak, rubber proportion are all have high oil. Adjust the ratio of raw materials, reduce raw material with too high oil contents.
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