Small Sawdust Briquetting Press Delivered to the Philippines

Lately, a unit of small sawdust briquetting press was delivered to one of our client in the Philippines. This client is planning to set up a mini wood briquettes manufacturing business (capacity 180~210kg/h). His raw materials for the production is saw dust. The diameter of final briquettes are 50mm with a inside hole (Dia.16mm). The following photos ware the equipments of this order.

sawdust briquetting press for small scale production
Front Side
small scale sawdust briquetting press for sale at factory price
Back Side
electric cabinet panel
Electric Cabinet Panel
electric cabinet inside
Electric Cabinet Inside
small sawdust briquetting press  being packing
Packaged Saw Dust Briquetting Press
screw briquetting press spare parts
Screw Briquetter Spare Parts

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Wood Briquetting Technology

When we talk of technology advancement, then this means that people’s lives are also being improved. The wood briquetting press is a newly introduced machine that has improved the lives of many individuals and industries by bringing new kinds of energy to them. The machine generally produces biofuel briquettes from the simple processing of raw biomass material like peanut shells, rice husk, wood and sawdust.The machine is made from high quality and strong material that make it durable and long lasting even under harsh working conditions. 

Wood Briquetting Process

wood briquetting production process

Processing the raw materials into briquettes using the sawdust briquetting press is simple, as it only involves a few steps which include; crushing, drying, briquetting and finally carbonising (optional). Large raw materials are usually crushed using a crushing machine into small pieces of less than 5mm. One of the most important aspect to consider in this process is the moisture, the moisture content should always be maintained at a less than 10% level. If the moisture content is maintained at its lowest, then you might not need a drying machine. After properly handling the raw materials, you can then feed them into the briquetting press to transform them into briquettes. Finally, the sawdust briquettes should be passed through the kiln for carbonisation (this process is only necessary for those who want to produce charcoal briquettes). Since the end product is usually hot, it should be left to cool down at environmental temperatures. 

screw briquette presses

Without biomass fuel briquetting press, then the charcoal briquette production line would be incomplete. If you want to invest in the production of high-quality briquettes then you ought to choose a good briquette press first. The briquetting presses are usually sold in accordance to the customer’s specification of raw materials. Quality sawdust briquettin gpress will ensure a smooth running of the entire process and produce briquettes with high density and low ash content.

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