Cottonseed Oil Extraction Plant

We are your reliable manufacturer of cottonseed oil extraction plant. Quality, technology and service are the three things we alwyas focusing on as our commitment. ABC BEST Machinery gathers professional cooking oil processing professors and we can deal with any questions on oil extraction machinery design, manufacture and oil mill plant installation. Besides, our equipments have own lots of patents.

cottonseed oil extraction plant clients both small scale and large scale production

Our complete oil extraction plant has exported across the world. We offer our clients full support during the implementation of project through all the stages. If you are interested in our oil extraction machine or need detailed and customized oil extraction plan, just contact us and tell us your oil making needs!

Why Choose Our Cottonseed Oil Extraction Plant?

Demand for cottonseed oil is increasing over the years with the improvement in the level of human economic life. As a result, cotton seed oil extraction plant has been increasing to supplement the increasing demand.

full scale seed oil extraction plant
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However, our oil extraction machinery has managed to dominate the market due to the efficiency and effectiveness in the production process. We remain competitive in the market due to the continued and consistent improvement in our production strategy. We have extended our cottonseed oil machines to a larger geographic area and this has ultimately influenced the world market. This is due to the production of quality products that can compete in the global markets. As a health and safety compliant plant, we ensure that our cottonseed oil production process is top notch whereby all the necessary guidelines and requirements are complied with. 

Our cottonseed oil extraction plant remains highly efficient in the manufacturing process due to the constant upgrade of our machinery. Machines are naturally subject to wear and tear. We ensure that this shortcoming is addressed often to ensure that the productivity of the plant is not impaired. Furthermore, we understand that lack of proper processing of kernels may not remove all the toxic pigment referred as gossypol in the seed. Its consumption may have adverse negative impact on human health. In that case, we replace the ineffective parts of the system and this ensures it remains efficient. Furthermore, the staffs of the plant are technical experts who undertake regular inspections on its operations to identify any deficiencies. The inspection is undertaken in a schedule with a regular time frame. This ensures that the plant is always in optimal production. The plant operators are also under constant training to equip them with the relevant new knowledge in the industry. Furthermore, the training is aimed at keeping the operators on alert in regards to the changes in the industry. This makes our plant remain efficient in production due to the perfect combination of informed and well trained technical experts and operational mills.

Set Up a Small Oilseed Extraction Plant

small oilseed extraction plant - screw pressing
Small Mechanical Oilseed Pressing Plant
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The effective and efficient operation of the oil extraction plant is guided by the existing feasible business plan. This informs the entire actions done by the management in regards to marketing the company products especially the cottonseed oil products. The current business plan outlines the expected production volumes that the plant should have over certain set out timeframes. Furthermore, the oil mill plant mass produces the cottonseed oil products which minimizes the costs of production due to the economies of scale. This professional business approach enables the plant to remain grounded in production aiming to fulfil the expected targets.

The performance of the cottonseed oil extraction plant is also influenced by other factors in the business environment. For instance, the company ensures that the staff and technical experts are well maintained and this keeps them at optimal level of performance. We also address the customer concerns and view through the Frequently Asked Questions provision on our website. We consider our customer reviews and try to implement some of their feasible recommendations and this enables us to incorporate customer needs in our products.

  • we have cotton ginning plant in Gujarat. Produces cottonseed 70 tons per day. We have also expelling machines for cotton seed with small capacity. We are planning to expand the capacity of crushing of cottonseed with around 50 tons per day. So please the quote and suggest suitable oil extraction machine for us.
  • Glad to receive your inquiry.
    Pls send me some pictures of your cottonseeds for your reference, then I will know whether your cottonseed is suitable for screw pressing (mechanical oil extraction process). I mean some cottonsseds have much fiber around, this kind of cottonseeds are not suitable for pressing. Before press you have to remove the fiber out. May I know whether you need the oil refinery equipments? And do you have the steam boiler? If you have pls tell me the capacity. Besides, pls tell me what is your suitable 3phase voltage.
  • Please find attached herewith the photographs of cotton seed. We don’t have steam boiler. We have electric supply of 415v, 3 Phase,50 Hz
  • Today I have consulted our engineers, they told me if you don't want to delint the fiber and shell the cottonseeds, just press them directly, it also will be Ok, only the residual rate will be near 9%, a little higher than the general rate.
    So, you can decide whether you prefer to press it with fiber or not, then I can make the propposal for you. If you want to press it without fiber and shell, you have to order the delinting machines and shelling machines first, the investment is large. If you want to press it with fiber, you just need the oil press related machines. And pls confirm whether you need the oil refinery equipments or not.
  • Dear Sir, We are interested to put up small factory of cotton seed oil extraction in Pakistan.
    Can you please send us the prices Ex Factory in US$ and also the installation, commissioning and pilot production / training inclusive.
  • Glad to receive your inquiry. For the small cottonseed oil extraction plant, pls confirm the capacity you need, I mean how many tons cottonseeds you want to press per day? For the small capacity, you can choose from 1-3TPD,5-6TPD,8-10TPD,15TPD, etc, then I can recommend you the suitable machines.  
    Pls confirm what is your suitable voltage, it is 380v,50Hz,3phase?
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